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If not for Nonoi Ybiernas, I wouldn’t have known that Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington would have an advanced screening at SM Cinema sponsored by Red8 Events Group. Panic-stricken, we coerced Nonoi to get us tickets to the screening. He graciously picked up his phone and after 2 minutes, we were on the list of guests. Thanks to Jong Combong-Pijuan for accommodating three Zombafans.

So yesterday we trooped to SM Cinema 2 to watch the advanced screening. I blogged about my excitement two days ago, so you can guess my eagerness towards the movie. At the cinema lobby, two of the actors of the movie were doing photo-ops with fans: Martin Escudero (who plays Remington) and Kerbie Zamora (playing Jigs). The director was also in attendance, Jade Castro, a very candid guy who asked the members of the audience to talk about the movie after watching. So here I am.

First, the Zombanopsis: In Lucban, a series of killings bewilders the people. What makes the killings mysterious is the fact that all the victims are gay men with thick make up and high heels with very bad hairdo. Remington is the least bothered with all this because ever since he was a child, he gets a kick out of calling gay people, bakla (gay). One day, he is cursed by a grieving bakla and we all know he is going to get it soon. He grows up to be a twink that is desired by every cross-dressing beautician in town. Remington starts having nightmares and weird visions. He morphs into a shaven Bel-ami dude whose nuances and language are exactly those of what he loathes: bakla. The rest is for you to find out when you watch it on the National Zomba Day come August 31st.

Second, so what did I think about the movie?

1. The story is sick. And I mean deliciously sick! And I love its outlandishness because it’s the kind of plot that puts fantasy in real life. Gayness is real. Zombies are fantastical. Put them together and you get brain freeze and locked jaws.

2. I wished the cinema audio was better. Some dialogues appear mumbled due to the sound quality of the cinema. I know for sure that it’s the cinema sound system that’s problematic because all the movies shown in this cinema always sound bad.

3. The film is oozing with gayness that does not make anyone feel uncomfortable (unlike other gay-struggle-themed-films) because the sequences are filled with surprising humor punches, incidental idiocy and bazillions of gay cuteness (lingo, visuals, jokes combined).

4. Roderick Paulate and Eugene Domingo. How can you go wrong?!

5. Martin Escudero is a wonderful actor. A real delight to see on screen and I am not saying that in a popstar delight kind of way. He is not glossed up, and he relies mostly on sheer acting – which is extremely rare among actors these days. He is believable and yes, his portrayal is the kind that can make girls fall in love with gay softies. Bravo to Martin.

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington is a fun movie that is not shallow. It has a good amount of underlying advocacy about acceptance, unconditional love, and a few other synonyms about being gay or straight. This┬ásounds like round-of-the-mill but hey, these are still issues. There’s no need to be mental. Just sit back, relax and take in as much as you can. Laugh your hearts out. It’s healthy.

August 31. Hope to bump into you because I’m going to take two.

I'm a lousy photographer (or blame the phone cam). This was taken at the lobby with the stars of Zombadings during the advanced screening last night.

On the photo, Martin Escudero and direk Jade Castro (the guy, ok) calling out the winners of door prizes before the start of the screening.

Remington in the "carpenter friends" scene. Oh and that odd muscle shirt!

Bestfriends Jigs and Remington. SHOKOT!

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