Ze Relationship Zeries #4: The Ex-Why Chromosomes

Nov 5, 2011 by

It might have been the topic of some romantic films and screwed up fairy tales. But, clichéd as it may be, I dare say that I currently am in a relationship with the best friend of my ex-partner whom I have been with for almost three years.

My ex-partner and I were in a very unique relationship. To put it bluntly, we never had sex. For almost three years of being technically together, it remained that way. And to tell you honestly, it was all right with me. It was a partnership that made us live under one roof for almost two years and a half.

Until I met his best friend.

December 2010. I was in the Philippines for my winter break from school. I was excited since I know that my then partner (who is currently my ex) was arriving in my hometown to attend the wedding of his girl best friend. It was all well, I might say. Then one day, I drove him to one of our common friend’s house in the city for our usual visit every time we’re in the area. At that time, I wasn’t supposed to go down the car since I was really hungry from all the driving all day long but by some twist of fate I did and there, in our friend’s house, I was introduced to my then-partner’s best friend who was also visiting for the wedding.

Initially, we didn’t even talk that much. Well, I didn’t dare talk to him that much since I was unable to perfectly make a proper sentence without the thought of stuttering.

Then, after the wedding, we went to a bar for a few drinks together with the whole crew and the newly wedded couple themselves. After good conversations and a good dose of alcohol, someone asked if we could go dancing in another bar. I was quite hesitant to go since my then-partner isn’t into the whole dancing thing. But then, somebody grabbed my hand and pulled me to leave. It was my then-partner’s best friend. We were dancing together by the bar, away from everyone else. We were there, just the two of us. I was dancing with him, feeling quite “high” from the music and the alcohol. I clearly remembered resting my head on his shoulder though. And the music went on and on. By then, I knew that there was something happening. Something felt rather right. And wrong.

Nothing happened between us that night – at least as opposed to what movies often suggest. My then-partner suddenly appeared and told me that we had to leave. And so we did.

The next couple of days, I received a message from my then-partner’s best friend. I was smiling. I was feeling those butterflies again in my stomach; I thought they were long dead. And so, after that first exchange of messages, it changed a lot of things.

My current relationship is with my ex-partner’s best friend. It’s been around 10 months and I plan to make every bit of it as beautiful as how it started. It’s long-distance but we’ve been planning about sharing the same future together. A future that I know looks bright ahead of us.

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