You missed me, didn’t you?

Nov 13, 2014 by

It wasn’t my intention to act reclusively in my own blogsite, but my circumstances have pushed me to assume homage to our dear old JD Salinger — at least for a while. It was good, but all good things do come to an end.

So now I’m back.

I’m dwelling in a new location, absorbed a new breath of urban environment with a little bit of house-flooding that welcomed us on our second week of habitation. It was pseudo-traumatic but I don’t think I’m in any deserving position to complain if I keep that consciousness of what Yolanda caused for many others. So I kept cool and recovered quickly. We had to fix the drainage systems and built a fortress around the house to protect us from future onslaught of mother nature. Loving this place, tho. It offers the calmness only the beach could give me in the past. So yes, this is it.

So many things have happened and are still happening. That’s life, I guess. When we think we have seen the end, we realize it’s just the beginning. I have been meeting more wonderful people, been keeping up with my art, trying to work like a true-blue employee whose mind revolves around following rules and behaving according to what older people think and I have been wishing all these monsters die soon. But so far everything is cool. I get by pretty well and I hope you guys do too.

My upcoming stuff would probably get things going for Like, we’re doing the Starbucks 2015 Planner Promo again. We have started so by making ticket buyers of ICONOPOP 3.0 drop in their stubs for the raffle. So if you come to our show, you will definitely have the chance of winning one Starbucks 2015 awesome planner.

So for now it’s just a brief welcome-back toodles for me. Will publish more in the coming days and I hope you keep visiting our awesome site! :)

This is me in our new abode. Not much difference in the looks department, eh?

This is me in our new abode. Not much difference in the looks department, eh?

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