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I have never been this emotional over a superhero movie, but after watching X-Men: First Class, I felt this weird connection, a sense of complete understanding towards the characters that I have followed through and through. It gave me the creeps because I have forgotten I was watching a movie. That must have been one hell of a good movie.

Prior to watching, I took time reading reviews and tweets about X-Men: First Class (XMFC). Comments were all raving, reviews were 3-stars up. I admit to accepting the preemption, but indeed I loved the film and it’s one of those rare superheroes films that I think will stay with me for a really long time — in league with Superman (the Christopher Reeves series) and Captain Barbell (joke).

The plot of XMFC was meaty. Screenwriter Ashley Miller’s team worked around a really good ól thick back story of the characters and weaving it together so neatly you basically use your brain the same way you put lego blocks together to form the Empire State building. Director Matthew Vaughn is a genius. His pacing is impeccable and the part where he depicted the training of the young mutants under the leadership of Prof. Charles Xavier was one of the most comic-y visualizations done on screen. Vaughn balanced the drama element with the action sequences he provided (the latter being for the kids and guys who refuse to think too much). The characters were fully-developed, and Vaughn took his sweet time doing that. Bravo. I can only imagine what he had to go through proving his cinematic visions to the Hollywood movie honchos.

The casting was just perfect. James McAvoy is an excellent actor whose nuances have been carefully studied to create consistency with his older counterpart, Patrick Stewart. Although I couldn’t seem to get his Wanted character out of my consciousness, he did a terrific job. But the film’s revelation is the German-Irish actor, Michael Fassbender. His portrayal as the young Magneto (aka Erik Lehnsherr) is sharp and memorable. He stands out onscreen and when placed beside McAvoy, your line of sight involuntarily moves to Fassbender. He is Magneto. Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw is unquestionably evil. Other than playing a Nazi, and a mutant Nazi at that, Bacon’s screen presence is hounding. Someone you’d love to hate. The rest of that cast gave outstanding performances. They seemed to have truly embraced their characters and studied them carefully with a clear message that says, there’s more coming.

And until they come again, I’d definitely be on the cinema frontline, waiting.

(What?!?! You haven’t seen XMFC yet?!?! Are you out of your mind?!?!)

X-Men First Class - full cast

James McAvoy as Prof X

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

Kevin Bacon and January Jones


  1. kris aquino

    bob, pwes i will watch so i can find out if herbert bautista of captain barbel would have done well..

  2. yen

    laav it! (the movie & ur blog hehe) pretty much summed up evrythng good abt it…til d nxt installment :)

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