X-Men: Days of Future Past

May 22, 2014 by

x_men_days_of_future_past_banner-wideThe X-Men franchise has undoubtedly established itself as the most hardcore of all comic-based films in recent memory. When I say “most hardcore” I mean it in all aspects: plot, characters, technical achievement, the personal attachment invested by their viewers to the X-Men concept and how we actually feel like one of them at some point. X-men has succeeded in going beyond the screen to consume us all — and we welcome it with open arms.

X-men: Days of the Future Past combines the power of their narrative and the star-studded cast that did not fail us in their individual portrayals. While it posed great challenge in making a character memorable because of the heavy ensemble — and really really great actors placed in one frame just makes me gush each time — the film gave justice to the uniqueness of each player in periods we have absorbed quite well. It was not all combat, or explosion, or superpowers or destruction of everything metal. It has the right amount of heart and humor, as the film cliche goes. And they came together very well.

The grandeur of X-Men’s latest installment can only be understood once you have experienced it yourself, so I won’t make this blab too lengthy. All I can say is, watch and enjoy the movie.


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