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May 2, 2012 by

A former student of mine theorized that I might be going through a writer’s block to explain my blogging gap for more than a week now. Unfortunately, my topics had to be canned due to my hectic schedule. Do I hear you say summer? My summers have been quite different from most people for the past 4 years and my little sacrifice have made so many kids become better individuals because of our summer fling called Sikat Academy. I have no regrets, even if I had to give up so many escapades with family and friends because whenever I am inside the workshop studios, the joy that I share with the kids is priceless. And I am not saying this to compensate for all the action that I have missed. I compensate for all the action that I have missed by making up for it — and I mean really traveling. Extensively. Try as I may, I can publish some whatnots here and there from time to time.

photo from http://applecopywriting.com

************* The heat these days is unbearable. I have been writing about our raging planet since 2005 and no one cares. I have nagged some city officials about eco-friendly policies that the government can advocate but they felt it wasn’t a serious concern. I have spoken to my students about it and they find me odd. I preached among my friends over beers and they thought it’s one of those drunken speeches people make. But now everyone’s clamoring. More like reactive than proactive. Now everyone complains because the scorching heat is just picking up strength. In the next couple of years our way of life will be similar to those in the deserts. Expect camels to replace bikes very soon.

Halo-Halo cannot save you from skin cancer. Photo from www.sanpablocity.com.ph

************* QUICKIES:

Jurassic Era comes to Iloilo Airport. Mga langka. Photo from http://www.gmanetwork.com

That’s all.  

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  1. Althea

    Enjoy Beijing Sir Bob.
    How long are you gonna be there? Sayang, I’m not exactly near Beijing now. I’m in Shandong province.
    Got a place to stay yet? anyway, enjoy!
    Holler if you need anything :)

  2. admin

    Hi! I have yet to find out the details through our travel agent. Will let you know at once! Cheers! xoxo

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