Wrapping up with Bacolod

May 18, 2011 by

When in Bacolod, you have to stay at The Suites at Calle Nueva. Best deals for any seasoned traveler — coziest rooms, friendliest staff (and really smart ones, too), fastest wifi, fluffiest pillows — the superlatives!

Our sweet Nikki posing it up inside the room at The Suites.

When in Bacolod and you feel like going for a chill on a weekend (or any day of the week), you have to check out Eleven Degrees at the Art District party strip in Mandalagan Street (near Lopues). More than anything, Eleven Degrees offer an atmosphere of good company and happy people coming together to have fun. I was able to hang out at Eleven Degrees and was warmly welcomed by one of its owners, Paolo Araneta. I need to visit it again for purposes other than alcoholic: to eat!

The relatively new Art District in Mandalagan is the next big thing in Bacolod party scene.

Eleven Degrees! Look for the orange railing where the hot people are.

On a more random note, I saw this tree while I was in a cab and I just had to take a photo of it. It looks so Hobbit-ish! This one is in Lacson Street, I think.

Poodle-ish and Hobbit-ish.

As of press time, I must be on the road to Siquijor. I have scheduled several blog series for publication so I won’t go blank on you guys. Keep visiting!

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  1. melissa

    Haha! I was looking at the hobbitty tree and thought it looked familiar… Then i realized, that’s the tree on our church’s yard (Bacolod Trinity Christian Church)! You can thank our faithful gardener Junior for that. It’s even more hobbitty during Christmastime, when each “tuft” is strung with tiny Christmas lights!

    • bobby

      hahaha! Amazing, right? The moment I saw the tree, I was like, I HAVE GOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THIS! Good thing someone jammed the traffic, so I didn’t get shaky. LOL! Thanks for commenting Melissa! =)

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