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Ever felt like killing your own boss? Ever stumbled upon the most embarrassing situation at the workplace? Did you go to a wrong meeting? Proudly said the wrong things? Among others? Share your story and bring your friends to a movie!

Ever felt like killing your own boss? Ever stumbled upon the most embarrassing situation at the workplace? Did you go to a wrong meeting? Proudly said the wrong things? Among others? Share your story and bring your friends to a movie!

Each of us has a story to tell about how we fell flat on our face at the workplace at one point or another. We are especially prone to making the most embarrassing faux pas when we’re considered greenhorns: young and energetic and, well, a little naïve. At the workplace, we are surrounded by diverse personalities and our encounters are a collection of unlimited comedy – from your terror boss, to your big-crush on an officemate, to your malfunctioning uniform. These are regular occurrences that are absolutely worth sharing for a good laugh.

Have you got a story to share that would perhaps tickle us? Or inspire us? Or make us all say in chorus, ‘oh yeah, it happened to me too!’? If you do, then share your workplace boo-boo moment to us and get a chance to win SM Movie Pass worth P600 courtesy of Teletech Iloilo! Yes, we are feeling generous this lean and rainy season and we are dedicating this promo to workaholics both young and younger! We will be selecting 5 lucky winners for this contest. Ain’t that sassy?

Here are the promo mechanics:

  1. Write your workplace boo-boo story in an En telechargeant ce logiciel (developpe par Microgaming, ce qui est un gage enorme de qualite et d’exception), on a acces a tous les jeux de casino en ligne qu’on aime, entre autres du Poker, du Black-jack, de la Roulette et bien evidemment des machines a sous gratuites toutes plus geniales les unes que les autres. anecdotal fashion not more than 200 words (that’s roughly about two paragraphs).
  2. Your story must be written in English. However, if the humor or the punch line must be quoted from a dialectical verbatim, you may do so as long as you write in parenthesis the English translation of such.
  3. Students are also allowed to join the promo as long as their story is based on a work experience or a project outside the classroom setting.
  4. You may use a pseudonym or an alias for your entry but please include your full name when submitting your story. Your real identity will not be published upon your request.
  5. You may post your story via our comments field below.
  6. Our judges will be comprised of management and the Teletech Iloilo Marketing Team.
  7. Deadline of submission is on 30 September 2013
  8. Announcement of winners will be on 11 October 2013

Of course I understand you do not want to jeopardize your job by exposing the real personalities of your unique boo-boos (or your boss’s), so be creative in concealing the real characters and your company name. But do give us hints to make it a little exciting, ok?

This exciting promo is also brought to you by TeleTech Iloilo.

This exciting promo is also brought to you by TeleTech Iloilo.


  1. Horse With No Name

    I once prevented a stabbing inside a hospital I used to work for. Yes, seriously. But that’s not why I’m here.

    See, right after preventing the perp—a drunken orderly wielding a screwdriver—from stabbing his co-worker, the staff and security went ahead and tended to the victim and the patients who were just there. You know, SOP and all that jazz.

    However, what they didn’t count on was for the orderly to slink away like Voldemort’s snake and hide in one of the many, many rooms inside the hospital since nobody had the foresight to even detain him.

    So, it should follow that because I was the one who prevented the orderly from committing bloody homicide, I was pretty sure he’ll remember my face and voice and stick me a new one afterwards outside. Yes, I was so paranoid that I even got to the point that I begged my petite, FEMALE co-workers to flank me like they’re my personal security convoy as we’re taking the long walk right up the main road at 1:00 in the morning, with all the streetlights turned off.

    As you can tell, I survived. But my reputation certainly didn’t.

  2. Arnielyn Joanne Idorot

    I had my internship in an online news website last summer. Because I was assigned in the lifestyle section, I had to go to events anywhere around Metro Manila. Of course, I had the company van at my service. Perks!

    Meanwhile, SM Aura had its grand launch and I was lucky to be there. This time, I was with my boss. The event ended and we were waiting outside for the van. We waited for nearly an hour because of the traffic due to the event, and it was already dark. So when I saw a white van approaching us, I told her that it has arrived, and we can finally sit. When the van stopped in front of us, I slid the door open and told her to get inside, only to find out that it’s a different van without our company logo! Turns out that the van’s for another person who happens to be standing beside us, also waiting for her sundo.

    My boss and I were then laughing until our company van came. It was really embarrassing, but it’s the first time my boss and I had a laugh together.

  3. dragon64

    My story happened a long time back when I was a local TV newscaster. Of course, digital was not in our everyday language then. We wrote reports on manual typewriters, edited materials in linear fashion, and took more effort in setting up equipment. In other words, all this left me little time to do my hair and makeup before the lights went on and the cameras went rolling.

    One very busy afternoon, I was proofreading the last story that came in barely a few minutes before airtime and doing my hair and makeup at the same time when the technician asked me to move to the set so he could set up the lights and cameras. Everything seemed okay and we packed up that evening feeling happy over the day’s events. It was not until I reached home when I learned from my mom that she saw me doing my hair on TV during the commercial break before the news started. Obviously, the technician switched the camera on by accident and did not say anything about it! You can just imagine how I treated him the next day!

  4. Tiger Lily

    I trained in a call center before and I discovered that it’s not easy working as a telemarketer. It’s not for sensitive folks and you have to get used to rejection from clients. Then, there’s the pressure to finish a certain number of calls per day and your performance is being evaluated regularly.

    Halfway through one of my pitches, I heard a clicking at the other end of the line. Thinking that the client may have hung up on me, I asked, “Are you still there?”

    “Yes, still here,” replied the man.

    “Sorry, I heard a click. I thought you had been disconnected.”

    “No,” the man said, “that would sound more like this.”

    He then showed me what it would sound like by slamming down the phone loudly.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot that when you work as a telemarketer, you also have to get used to some irate callers and phones being slammed on you.

  5. He Who Must Not Be Named

    I’ve always wondered how it’s like to be in the media industry. At one point, I even imagined myself being a reporter but after this experience, I’d say it’s a NO for me.

    It was my first time to speak on the radio. I was a PopCom Peer Helper and my job required me to hold weekly talks about adolescent problems on the radio. I was sweating like a pig then because I was so afraid I’d screw up. During the program, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I kept on blabbering, stuttering and in my head, I kept thinking “Kill me now!” Ironically, our topic was Suicide and Depression.

    As I saw the operator signalling for a commercial break, I automatically breathed a sigh of relief and thought, “Ay dipuga, gakurong itl*g ko na, patya na lang ‘ko!” (Holy sh*t. I’m so scared, my balls are trembling! Kill me now!) For some reason, I failed to realize I said it out load.

    Everyone looked at me in disbelief. We were still on-air! There suddenly was an awkward atmosphere and everyone kept silent for a while. Fortunately, I had a light-bulb moment and continued, “Daw mapatihan no? Example lang na mga abyan sang hambalanon nga nagapakita Suicide and Depression.” (Believable, right? And that my friends is just an example of what a person showing signs of Suicide and Depression would say.)

  6. thepillpusher

    My world revolves around doctors. I meet doctors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even join them when they have their midnight snacks. “Doc” or “Doctor” (to some with speech defect and “kaartehan”, the word is even pronounced as ‘duck’ or “dock”) is a word I use all the time. And this probably is the reason why my ultimate workplace boo-boo expectedly happened at an unexpected place and time.

    At a formal dinner prepared for our doctors’ continuing medical education program, I was tasked to lead the opening prayer that went this way, “Let us bow down our heads and feel the presence of the Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Doctor…” I paused realizing I slipped and looked up just to see the smiling faces of the audience, some were actually giggling and on the verge laughing, but then I continued my prayer, “…doctors bring hope to the sick just like you, Lord, bring ease to our pains and answers to our worries.” It was a little embarrassing but then I have called a nun, a mayor, a purchaser, a lawyer and a priest “doctor” on several occasions and survived.

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