Women Drivers with Control Issues Annoy Me

Jan 23, 2011 by

I was in such good mood yesterday walking the sidewalk to SM Delgado drinking my iced coffee because the weather was cool and happy-inducing. I was carrying with me a paper bag with my shoes and tux shirt for the fitting which would happen later that day at Jor-El’s workshop. The traffic was heavy, bumper-to-bumper scenario. It was but expected because the streets are starting to get prepped for the Dinagyang Festival this weekend. I was about to cross the Exit Parking intersection of SM Delgado Branch between two cars that were moving very, very slowly (the kind of movement that is propelled not by the accelerator but by sheer momentum left-overs, I don’t know the term for that). Then the blue car honked at me like a madman and it shook my happy-mood away.

Why was I honked at?

I was crossing between two cars moving at a pace that would not hurt a snail even if the cars hit it. Was I violating something? I crossed the intersection like all New Yorkers cross the streets when they’re in such excitement to see a friend across them. There were no traffic lights. I was simply crossing without any intent to jam that honking car or anything.

Then another honk. A really angry kind of honking.

I slammed my paper bag on the hood of the car. The driver lowered the window. It was a woman. A chinese-looking woman in her late 20s. She was frowning and yelled “stupid!” at me. I slammed her hood again, this time causing everyone in the vicinity to stop and stare.I yelled at her as well: “You stupid bitch! Obviously you don’t know proper driving like you know your stupid ass!” (and I was seriously screaming this on top of my lungs in English! (I kind of felt funny about my lines afterwards, but it felt good). She wasn’t able to say anything back. I was charging towards her, pointing my finger like a real assassin with a gun. I was having my little hustler show at that very moment. People were really staring (good thing no one knew me — but I am compelled to check youtube just in case someone took a vid of my wrath). The woman driver pulled her window up and took off as cars before her started moving.

I didn’t understand why she had to honk. Only in the Philippines would cars/vehicles treat pedestrian like chickens on the road. My experience in other countries (well, in more developed countries, that is) is that vehicles respect pedestrians no matter how much hassle some nuthead peds cause. It’s simply because they value life more. And in that Chinese-looking woman’s case yesterday, I didn’t know her issues but it wasn’t right for her to honk at me. She got what she deserved and I am not resentful.

And this is how her car should have been after I ran amok.

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