Why my twitter account had to go.

Jan 4, 2012 by

I kind of knew it was coming. I have very little patience for things mundane and I felt I have reached my threshold level for Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed twitter immensely. I had the time of my extreme self-expression, no-holds-barred, scandalous, controversial, pushing the envelope life on Twitter. I had very tolerating followers who, before its death, has reached a measly 420. Far from the millions Oprah have — and she’s not even tweeting as often as I did.

So what prompted me to unplug from Twitter?

1. The lack of courage to unfollow real-life friends. I had to bear their tweets that are so random I could predict the time when they had to fart or which foot they stepped first upon waking up. It’s completely useless (for me).

2. The repetitive flow of information on a particular time frame that are none of my interests. Stuff about zodiacs retweeted by friends, quotes from a movie, a song, a nursery rhyme (sometimes I do music or movies quotation, but it’s like really good ones, duh).

3. The ultra-megalomanic events claimed by people of which I highly doubt because there’s lack of evidence and my intuition tells me the things they claim did not happen in real life. Eeluzyonez.

4. The cyber-manic attitude of some people I know in real-life who behave like avatars in flesh. Their inner souls are revealed through their tweets: sly, impressive, profound, full of shit. But in real life, they can’t even stand properly and give you a handshake when necessary. They lurk in one corner collecting all possible visuals for later use on twitter.

5. I just can’t go on with it. I can’t think of any other reason. I just wanna be out of there and divert my attention to my pending books.

It's cute how Twitter states it, but I'm not changing my mind.

On the other hand, what’s good about twitter is this:

1. News Tweets from CNN, ANC, ABSCBN etc. are extremely useful to keep oneself abreast with the news that are yet to hit the TV sets. They’re the freshest, the hottest, and sometimes limited to the social media.

2. For my phone network problems, the company twitter works just fine. They reply immediately. For complaints about services in malls, government offices, etc, they reply and assure you of an action. Which is kind of cool.

3. Concert schedules, book releases, music updates, hypermedia information come in handy.

Goodbye, @bobmasterr

So it’s goodbye Twitter for good. I want to join the ranks of my great friends who live a relatively productive life without having to tell the world about it. Well, not really. I still have my blog and I will tell you stuff that do bother me, or stuff that inspire or stuff that make me giddy.

It’s been a good year, Twitter. It’s just time to move on. We do get deleted from time to time, yknow.

Twitter is overcapacity. Bobby is, too.

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  1. San Luis

    I had a twitter account 4 years ago and I never used it. (but it’s still “there”. lol) I made an account because I was curious about twitter. Then I felt like I had to be a celebrity to own an account (for my fans sake) so that people would care about my tweets. And since I wasn’t a superstar, I never really used it. Ever. haha. Just sharing. =D

    • bobby

      Hahaha! Thanks Kim! I was actually wondering why you don’t tweet as much when in fact you write some of the funniest facebook statuses! LOL

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