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I asked a few food-loving friends about recommendations on new (and a few old, but still well-loved) food places in Iloilo. As most of you know, Iloilo is now on a full-throttle trajectory towards economic utopia — and it excites a lot of people. Me included. So while my survey was limited to people I personally know, do send us your recommendations if your favorite food stop hasn’t been included in this list. Just make sure it’s really good, otherwise we will hate you forever.


Let’s begin with:

Joan Paulette Mary Libo-on Actress / Educator / Director

Joan Paulette Mary Libo-on
Actress / Educator / Director

Lars Buko Batchoy

*Must try is of course the buko batchoy, quite the steal at 75 pesos.

*little known fact: they have a delicious buko burger (Yes,there’s buko in the patty. Sounds weird but tastes deelish!)

*Located at the back of Mandurriao market, a couple of meters after the market proper. Just ask the locals when you get to the market. They all know where it is.

Liz E Kitchen

*Named after the mother of the owner.

*Serves a mixed menu of intercontinental fare.

*The winner for me tho is the Pinoy home cooked fare.

*Sinampalukang Manok and the Beef Pochero are the standouts for me.

*But my favorite has to be the Crispy Pinamalhan. Reminds me of my favorite pinirito na pinamalhan sa uma. haha! Pina-soshal lang. haha!

*They have desserts too. Their ensaimada is pretty legit. Located in Pavia,by the side of the main highway just a little after the Coke plant, left side of the road.



*Run by a very nice Filipina named Babes Wharton, married to a British bloke.

*They serve mostly desserts, and mostly British influenced. There are British scones and other eats best paired with tea or coffee.

*My favorite so far is the red velvet which I declare to be the best in the city, hmp!

*Has two locations: one at Spa Rivera in the city and the other at SM Southpoint near the fountain.

*Instagram worthy as the look and feel of it is kinda like British pop culture. Makes me feel like I’m in Beatles Mania and Pippi Longstocking’s world at the same time. There’s even a replica of the iconic red telephone booth.


Nozomi Japanese Resto

*no frills, unassuming Japanese comfort food.
*I do mean ramens and rice toppings and teriyakis and makis.
*They don’t have sushi or sashimi yet, but hopefully soon.
*My hands-down favorite is the bacon-wrapped okra since it’s very healthy… it shoots up and lowers BP at the same time. hahaha! Seriously tho, it’s a must-try.
*Place is charming. They have little cubicles that remind me of Cafe Noriter in Cebu.
*Located at La Paz. Going to La Granja, left side of the road in front of Iglesia Church.
Kate Chavez Former host of GMA Arangkada / Club Manager / DJ / MC

Kate Chavez
Former host of GMA Arangkada / Club Manager / DJ / MC

Location: Just before Ground FX Molo.
What to order: Pares & Siomai
What I had was beef pares although I really wanted the pata pares which was out of stock that time. Surprisingly ka namit sang pares. They have small servings. Most likely you’ll order 2 if you’re used to big servings kag kung lapad mata mo. Hahahaha

Location: Villa Arevalo (road going to Breakthrough Villa)
What to order: kansi-lawas!!!!
Putok batok at its finest! This place is open 24/7 but to just to make sure you don’t get disappointed, reserve kansi-lawas hours before you go there. They are sold like hotcakes! Call 09081090119 (thank me later. char! hahahaha!)

Location: The Galleria Bldg, Jalandoni St., Jaro
What to order: Unlimited samgyeopsal!
They have a small place and small tables. Grillers are portable so definitely ka gutok. Thing is, true gid ya ang unlimited. Like you can ask for a refill asta mag sakit tummy mo. Haha and I like ang taste sang pag marinate nila sa chicken.

Mary Babbeth F. Vargas UP Professor / Former News Anchor

Mary Babbeth F. Vargas
UP Professor / Former News Anchor

For KDrama & KPop fans and Korean food lovers who can cook, there’s ASSI FRESH PLAZA for your ingredients.

It’s located right next to Farm to Table in Megaworld. If you crave Korean food but too lazy to do the cooking, they also serve a variety of your favorite dishes. From the ever popular kimbap, bibimbap and teokbokki to specialties like samgeupsal, bulgogi, and kimchi jjigae. ASSI FRESH PLAZA is open from 9 am to 10 pm. It is a convenient store type of establishment so don’t come in large groups. It’s a place where one can come in and eat alone without feeling conscious.

Rei Hontanar Literature Teacher in UP / The Queen

Rei Hontanar
Literature Teacher in UP / The Queen

Takuri Cafe:

Best Asian fusion heaven Iloilo. They serve the most satisfying laksa in town. The owner Tita Daisy Cababasay is so vivacious, she also makes the best lubid lubid! Perfect with french coffee or hot milk tea. Location: Cuartero, Jaro

Bangus Lumpia in Molo:

An underrated gem for years, this yellow kiosk is located beside Molo Supermart, just a few steps near the new Chowking joint. The golden lumpia are always served crunchy and piping hot. 3 pcs for 10 pesos, what a treat!

Farm to Table Iloilo’s squash cheesecake.

Who would have thought squash and cream cheese would do wonders together? This is my new fave dessert in town!

Hannah Bustamante Pison Food Critic / Amazing Person

Hannah Bustamante Pison
Food Critic / Entrepreneur

Troi Oi: I love their Pho and Crispy Omelette.

Nicolette in SM City Iloilo. Best pizza ever!

Ikkoryu has some serious ramen and it’s the only one in Iloilo with serious ramen. Also in SM City Iloilo.

Asian Spoon‘s Vietnamese Fried Chicken is yummy!

Gerthrode Tan-Mabilog TV Personality / School Administrator

Gerthrode Tan-Mabilog
TV Personality / School Administrator

It’s not new, but we are akways drawn to the serene atmosphere and delicious food of Bistro Carcosa. They have nice backribs and the Country Fried Chicken is my favorite topped with spicy sauce and vegetables. It’s located at the Injap buikding fronting UP Visayas.


So there you have it for now, guys! I know there are many more eating places in Iloilo that are yet to be discovered and foodies as we all are, let’s keep discovering!

I now officially accept invitations to review your restaurants. Hahaha!

Trying out my food knowledge with Sandy Daza for Food Prints on Lifestyle Channel

Trying out my food knowledge with Sandy Daza for Food Prints on Lifestyle Channel


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