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Annually, I host a few friends who have the luxury of time and an ample amount of curiosity to come and visit Iloilo. Aside from showing the sites of the city, the most ultimate challenge in hospitality is pleasing the guests with the food that you feed them. Fortunately in Iloilo there are template places that are considered as the sure-win food formula for tourists. It’s where tourists should be fed one time or another. I mentioned in my earlier blog that Iloilo boasts with seafood so fresh and cheap it’s actually quite unbelievable. And if you’re keen enough, you’ll notice there are some obvious similarities in the documentation I have made for my friends through the years.

Christian de Lima

1. Christian de Lima (from Mandaluyong City, Manila) feasted on Aligi (crab fat) Rice, Crab Meat, Sauteed Vegetables, Lechon and Steamed Talaba (Oysters) at Breakthrough Villa Restaurant.

Amir Acosta

2. Amir Acosta (from Imus, Cavite) gorged on the famous chicken inasal, fish soup and talaba at Tatoy’s Manokan in Villa, Iloilo.

Cedric Lucero with Kevin Piamonte

3. Cedric Lucero (of Cebu City) chowed down fresh Grilled Managat (Mangrove Jack), Lato (seaweeds), lechon and talaba (you’re getting the trend, aren’t you?) at Breakthrough Villa Restaurant.

Maxime Fortin and Kevin Piamonte (I am the photographer, ok?)

4. Maxime Fortin (from Quebec, Canada) assured us that he thoroughly enjoyed the chicken inasal, kinilaw (fresh fish cooked in vinegar), lechon and valenciana and a dessert called pulot (molasses — see that cylindrical brown thing wrapped in dried leaf and two popsicle sticks on top of it) at Tatoy’s Manokan.

Kevin with Isabel Golez, Nico Golez and Wil Laxa

5. Isabel Golez, Nico Golez (Silay City, Negros Occidental) and Wil Laxa (Vancouver, Canada) came to witness Dinagyang Festival 2011 and commenced the vacation with a hearty meal at Buto’t Balat Restaurant (Diversion Road). We had Bicol Express Rice, Talaba, Sinigang Soup and Crispy Pata.

Sam Fogg

6. Sam Fogg (Manchester, United Kingdom) was almost done with his big meal when I thought of taking the photo. He had shrimps, grilled managat, pinakbet, lato and oysters with aligi rice at Breakthrough Villa Restaurant.

Niccolo Cosme

7. Niccolo Cosme (Malate, Manila) enjoyed his meal at, again, Breakthrough Villa Restaurant with Grilled Managat, Lechon, Aligi Rice, Crab Meat, Sauteed Vegetables and Shrimps.


Of course, I also brought these guests to Lapaz Batchoy and Pancit Molo. And to the drinking joints at Smallville. And to the churches and old houses. And to the old Iloilo Chinese District. And to Guimaras. And to the malls. Oh man, I brought them to everywhere in Iloilo!

For tour bookings to Iloilo, you have to email me ahead. *wink*


  1. wiL

    OMGolly Bobster, I thank you and Kevin for being such gracious hosts! I always have such a great time in Iloilo. If you are ever in Vancouver let me know!

  2. Chris

    hehehe i remember this day … i gained 3 pounds just from eating … Iloilo has good food..and it becomes soulfood when enjoyed with friends

  3. tabel

    not to mention mama’s kitchen and sinamay. and you have yet to bring them to soup number 5 at arevalo. and, how can i forget, the breakwater at Fort San Pedro, with all the glitz and golden undergarments!! :)

    • bobby

      Exactly Tabs! That was one of the most memorable tour guiding i have ever done and the firat where all three of us were there! Hahahaha! Let’s get Moniq some so we can tour guide again! Lol. Whatever happened to that langka person nga nagpakasal?

  4. amir

    you guys are the best hosts! i could’ve enjoyed this experience more without the hangover. LOL!

  5. Nico

    Theres no time to feel hunger whenever with Bobby and Kevin…namit gid!

    • bobby

      Hunger is not in our vocabulary! hahaha! Miss u sweeps! Hope you feel better soon… =)

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