Ilonggo Speaks # 2: When you Love

Mar 2, 2011 by

A few weeks ago, a friend who is a member of The Company posted on Facebook about an upcoming concert “For the Love of….”. Despite being a big fan and more than a big fan, a friend of Jay, I didn’t pay much attention to the post because of my hectic schedule.  Jay didn’t text me either.  So I thought it was one of those gigs.  But perhaps a friend has a way of letting you know or call it intuition, that you have to take a look at the post again.  I did and found out that the concert was for his mother.  Without even a hint of a pause, I decided to fly to Manila to be part of the concert, to give support to Jay.  The event became an outpouring of love.  Regine Velasquez did a heartrending version of “Papa Don’t Preach”.  Jon Santos beat Ogie Diaz bar none by giving a mean impersonation of Charice. Hilariously mean, that performance would surely have the Pimpengcos snorting like a bull.  “Buy kayo ng cd ko ha.  Cut 1, ‘Pyramid’.  Cut 2,    ‘Pyramid minus one’.  Cut 3, ‘Pyramid remix’. Cut 4, Pyramid remix minus one.  Cut 5, ‘Pyramid extended version’.  Cut 6, ‘Pyramid extended version minus one’.  Pyramid lang kasi ang alam ko eh.”  The concert came up with a very pleasant surprise when Lea Salonga went on stage to sing “For Good” from “Wicked” and an a capella arrangement of “A Whole New World” by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab.  Basil Valdez capped the evening by singing the immortal (to label it “classic” is an understatement) “Ngayon at Kailanman”.  Amazingly, he sounded like the tape cassette recording (definitely not cd) eons ago.  With rare performances nowadays, to hear Basil sing “Ngayon at Kailanman” live is like the cosmos coming together.

The CompanY: (L-R) Sweet, Annie, Moi, Jay and Cecile

Jon Santos as Charice. Brought the house down.

Regine Velasquez singing Abba's Take a Chance on Me and Papa Don't Preach.

The one and only Lea Salonga in a surprise appearance singing For Good from the musical Wicked.

Basil Valdez in a rare live performance. Worth it, worth it.

Because that night, the cosmos came together.

Apart from the singing, the evening was a shining example of what friends can do for each other.  If we choose our friends wisely then miracles can happen.  And miracles happen when there is an outpouring of love.  Hopefully one more miracle will happen and it is when there is really enough love to heal.  If not, then it is God’s way of saying, this is how the world turns and moves.  At certain stops, one of us has to get off.  And that still is love.  When the sick is put to rest, when pain is all gone, when there is nothing but bliss, absolutely nothing, but bliss.  That, still, is love.


  1. Nico

    Beautiful!!! Too bad I missed this. :(

    • bobby

      I know… But then you got your much-deserved tan from Bali! hehehe!

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