When Things Happen Because They Happen

Feb 22, 2012 by

My 2011 was perhaps the fastest-moving year of my life. One day it was just the 2011 New Year’s Eve, the next thing I knew it was already the 2012 countdown. Same spot in Boracay, with the same company of people I love — minus my mom and my siblings. I never had the chance to assess my 2011 since I got back from that holiday vacation because work came pouring like mudslide eager to kill if it not had been for the strong walls I have made to surround me. I never complained about work because I think work is a blessing. I know of people who are desperate to have work and their desperation does not get answered easily. While here I am, closing down some offers just because I only have one me. I can’t possibly be in two places at the same time.

In 2011 I have made new friends — some of whom I look forward to staying friends with for a long time, while some came and went like a flash in the pan. Sadly, there are a number of them that I dearly miss. It’s the good times, they say. But like it or not, sometimes things just happen because they happen. Like you stop communicating with friends. Discount the days of yore and deal with the now. It doesn’t matter who gave what and who took what. Things just happen. Like falling out of friendships.

Being made of hard steel, I always find a way to shrug off some amount of sadness. Sadness is temporary. They don’t ever stay too long under the brightness of the sun. I go, and I continue to travel new heights, like a heartless conqueror who mourns for a death of a loved one no longer than 2 minutes. I do not seek the end of the rainbow with difficulty. It comes to me. I quickly find balance and stay solid until another cycle of inexplicable separation takes place. They don’t have a pattern because I think I’m someone who doesn’t ever have a pattern except on a few shallow things (like going to a club every after Saturday night, or going beyond the second bottle in spite of the stern promise of an early evening). There’s more to me than being a box of chocolates.

This 2012, I am excited. I have succeeded in staying online as a blogger for a year and it’s quite a feat. I have plans. Some are grand, some are pretty insignificant — but plans nonetheless. And it starts with a desire to just be a better me.


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