What's your Brew?

Mar 6, 2011 by

While I love coffee and I love beer, this is not about what comes out steaming hot. In San Francisco, not Pampanga, but the one with the crookedest street in the world, there is a bar called Beers of the World. Because I drink beer, I am naturally attracted to the place. In Germany, I had 13 different kinds of beer in one night. Proud to say I didn”t get drunk. I was happy. When there came a sudden downpour I ran out and stayed out, happily getting wet in that German street. If you think I am crazy, then so must be several Germans who joined me and happily sang Derz Zinging in Der Ren. Ms. Paltrow, those Germans got one over you. While your Glee was wonderful, that too was gleefully spontaneous.

From two continents, we come to the province. How so far! But SOMEBODY upstairs must have realized why not. Why not have a place in Iloilo where you can drink beers of the world. SOMEBODY must have whispered to Gus and Pauline Banusing, “build it and they will come.” Mr. Costner it can”t be that you”re the only one hearing voices at night.

So came Brewery. It”s the one happy place in online casinos Iloilo where people dance on the roof deck and smoke and come home not drenched with the stench of cigarette. It”s party al fresco. I am a hypocritical smoker. I can”t stand the smell of smoke and certainly hate the smell of it on my clothes the following day because it only reminds me how crazy or sometimes drunkenly stupid the previous night was.

When Brewery opened, it breathed fresh air into parties in Iloilo and Smallville where it is located. And the music is 80s. I can”t think of people who can”t dig 80s music. If you”re one of them, go hide. The DJs Rommel, Titus, Wendel and Paul will hunt you down. I will lead the casino en ligne pack and point them at your direction. Bloodcurdling scream: OFF WITH THEIR HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAADSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naturally the Ilonggos are a shy bunch. They are famous for their inherent charisma that often translates to being meek. In the early days of Brewery, Gus would host the party and play some 80s music game. I would join in and buy drinks for a table if people would stand up and dance. Gawd! Don”t you have legs???????? And one weekend it happened. They started dancing. And the weekends stretched into months and so started the infinite happy days, I mean nights, of Brewery.

Today is Brewery”s anniversary. I wish I am there even if I don”t have to buy beers for tables anymore. Go drink for me. Go up the stairs, party on the deck, the world is just in a mug. There are lots of happy people there. Say hello to Pauline and Gus and raise a glass or a bottle to Brewery. Bloodcurdling scream again: GO, GO, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy anniversary, Brewery! You make a helluva of difference when people party in Iloilo.

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