What’s up, Iloilo!

Iloilo City prides itself with so many facets like no other city in the Philippines. It is considered as a rich and noble land. It has a history so vibrant it defines the true meaning of a past worth revisiting. Its people are gems of the land. The Ilonggos go beyond the ordinary. Known to be the most gentle of the Philippine breed, Ilonggos are naturally kind and soft-spoken. The signature Ilonggo beauty exudes from within, with the warmth of Ilonggo smiles that are genuine.

Iloilo City is home to some of the most famous dishes in the Philippines; Batchoy, and Pancit Molo. As a city by the sea, Iloilo attracts visitors who crave for the freshest sea foods at very affordable prices. Because of its heritage, the arts in Iloilo City have flourished in an unparalleled way. The heritage architecture, the visual arts, the performing arts scene, the local literature, filmmaking and photography all reflect the appreciation for high arts of the Ilonggos. On the contemporary, financial and economic state of Iloilo, it is but a thriving hub for business and industry.

The Iloilo cityscape is one of the fastest growing horizons in the Philippines that promises nothing but good life.

If you have not been to Iloilo, wow, you’re missing a lot.