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Aug 29, 2011 by

Just got back from a three-day Cebu City tour with my students in CMS 111 (TV Production Class). My class visited major media institutions in Cebu: ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT). I have been bringing my students here on a yearly basis for 3 years now and each trip is always hailed by my class as a truly enriching one. If I’m not mistaken, I’m the first teacher in the Division of Humanities who has brought students to exposure trips like this. I deserve a Nobel Prize or something.

Thanks to Ms. Minnie Alegria for (once again) organizing everything in this trip. We took on this ride like royalty because we didn’t have to think about anything but our hand-carry luggages. You are truly amazing. For our future trips, we will definitely get you to round us up again and rock the streets of Cebu (or Manila).

There was a trip that got cancelled two years ago. It was supposedly the first Manila tour of my other TV prod class (and the first ever Manila trip in the history of Humanities Division existence), but it was peppered with intrigues by some faculty members of the division (who are interestingly aging by the second in a really bad kind of way; think wrinkles and the smell of the earth on their hair) and by my own student who really thought she’s all that. I cancelled the trip because I did not want their batch to experience something worthwhile — out of spite. That grizzly student of mine probably thought she won the battle after I decided to cancel the trip, but what she doesn’t know is that I cursed her. I summoned the white lady in ISBL and begged for a wicked spell that the bitch would endure. Albeit the white lady’s abstract response, I have this feeling that the bitch student of mine would suffer multiple counts of failed relationships, horrible career moves, and a major weight gain that would cause her cellulite to fold on its own without provocation.

This year, the batch that I brought to Cebu is a relatively tamed one. Unlike last year. They only started having some rowdy fun on our 2nd day and have completely gone berserk on the last night’s party in Cebu.

Next year, we hope to get a better schedule for Bigfoot (on a weekday) so the kids can buy some merchandise. The kids this year felt so bad they weren’t able to grab even just a shirt from Bigfoot because on weekends the store is closed. Oh well. Memories can still be cherished through the photos they have taken. Oh and do you know that one of them bawled her frustrations out because she accidentally deleted ALL the photos from her camera?

Visiting GMA - 7 Cebu Station. Quaint.

Guesting at ABS-CBN's MOR Station.

At Bigfoot with our guide, Sally.

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  1. Apple

    Blessed creatures. -_-

    • bobby

      Always my pleasure to see the kids happy and at the same time be able to learn a lot from this trip. =)

  2. RamirJM

    Kudos, Bob! Tani we also had trips like these during our time. Sayang lang gid ah. Good thing they have someone like you in HumDiv. You truly deserve a Nobel Prize. It’s a a little difficult though to pick which category. I think we should invent a new one. Any suggestions? Hehe! Good to see U and Kevs at the airport. TC!

  3. Jo Andrew Torlao

    “This year, the batch that I brought to Cebu is a relatively tamed one. Unlike last year. They only started having some rowdy fun on our 2nd day and have completely gone berserk on the last night’s party in Cebu.”

    lingaw ko aa :)) Congrats sir.. tnan tani nga batch may amo na sini :)) kag tani mas sajahan pa nila compared sa amon *assuming, pero, daw tuod man :)) kilala ko na ang naghibi aa :) HAHA

    • bobby

      Hahaha! I will try my best to give every CMS student all the great memories (and the not-so-great ones) through this field trip. Heheehe! Will make it a tradition, kumbaga. =) Yes ang nag cry si Coleen. LOL

  4. RamirJM

    oh, i thought u were gonna say mr. alila. hehe. hope techie rupert was able to retrieve the pics. or wala gid?

    • bobby

      That, I have to find out. Haven’t been to Miagao yet (and will have to wait til next week). =)

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