What NOT to do with your toenails

May 29, 2011 by

If you have a pair of feet with toenails that look like these, please stay away from me. God. I had to bear the sight of this while at the airport. Que horror!

How to lose your appetite.

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  1. jet

    Be very afraid… :)

  2. Ayn

    gademit Bob, i had a sudden vision of her nails being plucked out =D

  3. trykezhighflyer

    ok, now that’s just disgusting…

  4. Angel

    parang dinosaur na yung kuku nya sa paa….. puro ingrown hehehe

  5. Gus Banusing Jr.

    Reminds me of the Movie…DRAG ME TO HELL!!!!!!

  6. maita


  7. ha ha ha ha!! dinosaur!

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