What is Bayluhay?

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Bayluhay “The child was lost at around 6:00 in the evening when the Angelus bell rang. The parents looked for the child, but could not find her.

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The barrio

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people gathered together and agreed to get the child from the balete tree near the highway. They lighted torches and began beating empty cans for almost an hour shouting, ‘return the child.’ Back in the house, the older sister saw the child. Later the child told her parents that a beautiful woman took her away to some place.

p. 605, Encyclopedia of Philippines Folk Beliefs and Customs, Vol. 1 Dr. Francisco Demetrio, S.J. Xavier Universtiy, 1991

“If you get lost in a forest or some lonely place, you can find your way by inverting your dress or polo. It is believed tat fairies or engkantos are responsible for your getting lost.

p.959, Encyclopedia of Philippines Folk Beliefs and Customs, Book Four Dr. Francisco Demetrio, S.J. Xavier University, 1970

“… the aswang gets his (the person’s) body and replaces it with a banana stalk. The relatives of the deceased are deceived into believing that body is that of their dead when actually, the body is fake. Thus, “gin bayluhan” or exchanged.

p. 71, The Ma-aram in a Kinaray-A Society by Alicia P. Magos Masteral, Thesis, 1978

“The world of the villagers is an environment teeming with supernatural beings. Man’s habitat is also the enkantus habitat….

p. 79 The Ma-aram in a Kinaray-A Society by Alicia P. Magos, Masteral Thesis, 1978

Like people, engkantos are socially organized. They have cities, towns, villages, markets and conveniences known to man. These may be located within the village of mortals or in the outskirts of human environments where there are high trees, rivers or springs, caves…since their settlements are within or not far form the environment of people, most often they are in constant contact with the ordinary villager.

p. 51, The Ma-aram in a Kinaray-A Society by Alicia P. Magos, Masteral Thesis, 1978

Photo taken from http://library.thinkquest.org/27661/docs/engkanto.htm

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