What Iloilo City Needs Now

Apr 14, 2011 by

Sometimes, it’s not about what we already have that makes us end the quest for greatness, but what we don’t have yet. I asked the question WHAT ILOILO CITY NEEDS NOW to a few notable Ilonggos whose ideas can perhaps be considered by the Ilonggos and the privileged few whom we regard as the “city-makers”.

Gerthrode Charlotte Mabilog, GMA 7 Iloilo News Anchor

The most immediate that I’ve always wished our city could have is an effective drainage/sewage system. It’s one of the sure ways to prevent flooding in the city.

Jet Yap-Jiz, Lifestyle Editor

I think Iloilo needs a leader with strong political will and noble desire to improve every aspect of the community.

Eric Tajanlangit, professional/celebrity brother

Should I say nicer people? Well you cant get everything. But those Fun Runs that we’ve been having lately seems to be a good way of making the people in the city come together. I guess events like that are good. On other matters, I guess cleanliness is needed. People should just clean their surroundings, even just in their own areas. The “no plastic” policy that they practice here in Manila is good but I guess if we were to use paper bags they should have those bags with handles on.

John Rofel Parreno, Marketing Manager of Robinsons Place Iloilo

Please allow me to quote a favorite author: “The greatest want of the world is the want of men– men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.” –Ellen G. White (1827-1915), 19th Century Christian Devotional Writer.

Lets replace the following words: WANT to NEED, THE WORLD to ILOILO, and MEN to ILONGGOS. When we want to progress individually (or as a group ), a positive and a virtuous thinking should start on a personal level.

Pia Nava, food critic and traveler

Top of my mind would be more restaurants. Since my family eats out every weekend we’ve pretty much covered most of the good ones! A fantastic Indian resto or a proper English pub would be great… but I’m not sure if Iloilo market is open to it.

Mars Florete III, businessman and runner

I can’t think of just one thing but one of the few things… Lower electricity rates for the city to be more competitive and attract more investors and businesses. Also, lower the cost of living of all the residents in the city. More dynamic leaders to be able to improve and shape the city. Hmmm what else? Better working habits of the Iloilo City workforce.

Arden Rod Condez, writer, ABS-CBN

Coming from a teleserye writer, Iloilo, being the City of Love, needs something sappy. I came across this article about a bridge called Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy where lovers attach padlocks and throw the keys to the river. An act that signifies something as sappy as, ummm, forever. It’s not something new but I hope we can do something novel like this. Yun pala talaga ang kailangan ng city — novelty.

should say nicer people? haha. well you cant get everything. but hmmm i dunno those fun runs lately that we’ve been having seems to be a good way of having the city join together. i guess events like that are good. im just saying. but on other matters. i guess cleanliness, people should just clean their surrounding. even just the front of their houses. The no plastic thingy that they practice here in manila is good but i guess if we were to use paper bags they should have those bags with handles on.


  1. hello Bobby. this my 2nd attempt to reach u. Even texted Kevin Piamonte. I share ur love for Iloilo and would like to contribute some info that may be relevant to our city thru ur most interesting blog. am prof at UP c of business, diliman, wife of chair of paraw regatta fdtn & kevin’s aunt. for ex, i have a video of paraw regatta (PR)made by an american photog, also a skycable video of 2011 PR.I was guest speaker at the outstanding women of Iloilo awarding prgrm where i talked abt social entrepreneurship opportunities in Iloilo last 4/7. hope these interesting to U.If yes, How may I send these to u? want very much to do my part for Iloilo. great job u doing. Congrats! rgds

    • bobby

      Hi Ma’am Vicki! I would be so delighted to publish your speech if this blog could serve as a channel to inspire Ilonggos to come together and make Iloilo a more wonderful city than it already is. Kindly email to me your piece through rl.rodriguezph@gmail.com. Again, thank you very much for taking time in visiting and reading MyIloilo.net — best regards to you and to Sir Manny.

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