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Mar 23, 2011 by

Because I don’t own a car, I therefore commute. Half of my lifetime is spent on observing people inside a crampy jeep, or analyzing the ineptitude of a driver who has obvious suicidal tendencies. Several times I have said my final prayers thinking I would never reach my destination because hey, the guy behind the steering wheel is sleeping.

Iloilo City is relatively small. Everywhere is 5 minutes away. Although lately, the increasing traffic jams drive many locales into a frenzy but it’s only .037% of what real traffic is for Manila standards. Getting around is not so much of a challenge. Until you come across a traffic aide.

Let’s start with the most basic road runners: The jeepneys in Iloilo. Our jepneeys are sleek, tidy and — yes — avant garde. We have jeeps that are patterned after Honda Civic. There are also porsche-inspired lowered case jeepneys that are quite classy if you look at it from a generous point of view. I think one jeepney manufacturer has aptly named its business: PASAHERO SOSYAL (“Classy Passengers”).

Ze Iloilo Jeeps

Jeepneys fare around the city following a route just like how they do it everywhere in the Philippines. We shrug off colors and numbers and codes (an OC-ness for most 1st world countries, I suppose) and instead, we put the local soul into our mapping system. We label our routes after a school (CPU), another school (City High), a mall (SM CITY), a direction (derecho or straight, and liko or to turn). It’s totally ingenious. They can load and unload passengers practically everywhere except when it’s around lunchtime, when all the cops are in a really bad mood.

Cabs are also common riding fare in the city. There are cab companies and there are cab companies, but only trusted one for me. And believe me when I say this cab company delivers very good service (count nice air-conditioning system, polite drivers with very good driving skills, hygienic drivers and clean car interiors among others).  Ladies and gentlemen, the LIGHT OF GLORY Taxi Services. They also accept phone calls for passenger pick-up (depending on where you are located, but of course if you are somewhere so remote you had to use a satellite phone to call this cab company, then you’re doomed). 329-1316. “LightOfGloryThisIsRejHowMayIHelpYeeeeeew?” is the usual prompt. I appreciate their sense of urgency, really.

Inside the Light of Glory Taxi

I also appreciate GDR Taxi for a competitive streak in trying to equal Light of Glory but sometimes their drivers are rude and I have fought with one of them over whose direction should be followed. Mine or his. He even threatened me to get off his cab because I’m leading him towards where heavy traffic was. I took out my phone and called their office and the manager promised me to fire him. He was listening to my phone conversation at that very moment. But I doubt if he was even fired at all. But they’re ok.

Another is God’s Well Taxi. You got it right. I did not misspell it. It’s God’s Well, as in deep well. They’re also a good taxi company because… They do God’s Well. Or something.

Travel around Iloilo City and experience the amazing commuters’ daily encounters. It’s fun like no other and I am sure as hell it’s much better than taking a nasty MRT ride in Manila.

good luck


  1. Aimee

    As promised.. Had to commute for a pressing engagement. (Read: alcoholic in nature) Planned on jeepney but it was drizzling. Lo and behold, Light of Glory! Yes there was the “Good evening maam, diin ta tani?” Smallville nong. “Ok, sa sulod gid?” Maki lang. “No problem maam”
    I love the confidence and security implied by the taxi driver. Commuting rocks in Iloilo!
    And that was 60 bucks less my beer budget but happy to arrive safely. :-)

    • bobby

      hahaha! You bet Trisha would not sacrifice the 60 bucks off her budget! hahaha! Thanks for writing a comment — looking forward to more comments from you! Hahaha! Weekend will rock(Again)!

  2. mabeck

    sense of urgency appreciated k man wala na gawa pasahero k ang 3.50 nga patak daw pinagusto na lang. unbelibabel!

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