Two Shows, One Week.

Feb 14, 2014 by

I have always busied myself in the performing arts as an actor, but come last week of February, I am putting up two different shows not as the guy onstage but as the artistic director. Call it a National Arts Month offering, but maybe it really is.

On February 26th, Wednesday, the UPV Choristers will stage Playback: Last Soundtrack Syndrome. This is a choral concert featuring 25 tracks of songs coming from the movies. The UPV Choristers is presently composed of 28 active members who work nightly in preparation for the concert. I came in to rehearse with them for the staging about a week ago and when I listened to their song arrangements, I was dumbfounded. The kids are just awesomely talented. Let”s not forget that while we have immense talents in UPV, their training is somehow limited due to the lack of serious programs in the arts offered by the university. Our artists thrive on sheer passion and only those who are steadfast in their calling as artists persevere. Some of them succeed in getting noticed while some may sadly give up and continue on with what they have been brainwashed to believe being in the university: to be excellent academicians. No, I don”t have room for your opinions as I am not inviting debate on my statements.

What I”m saying is, these immaculately talented kids deserve your attendance to the show because they have worked so hard for this (so did I). It”s going to be a simple yet soulful evening of music from the movies that we all have grown up and fell in love with. The show is going to be at the Miagao Cultural Hall and will start promptly at 7 in the evening.


Two days later, on February 28th, the University Performing Group (UPG) of UP Visayas, the UPV Hublag Dance Company is staging a rather unique production entitled Crazy. This is an experimental series of short contemporary routines using independently-produced music. The idea stems from a very simple concept of delirium, hallucination, and everything crazy. It”s our homage to the present world disorder in all possible scales: personal, social, environmental & political chaos. Yeah, I know. We”re trying to be mental here. So the odds are broken. We have two shows of 45 minutes running time each at a venue smaller than most people think. We want to create a sense of constriction. A sense of being skin-to-skin. We will push the envelope and we want you to be there to experience it with us.Jouer aux machines a sous dans les jeux de en abondance necessite soit la version telechargeable ou meme la version couteux a base, appelee aussi le moment play.

The show will be at the College of Fisheries AVR in UP Miagao Campus. Our first show is at 6:06 PM and another at 7:34 PM.



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