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Nov 7, 2011 by

It was about 3 years ago when my friend asked me to create an account on Twitter. Back then, Twitter was all about Ashton Kutcher and Ellen de Generes because it seemed exclusive, personal and yes, you feel like you’re in the circle. Celebrities reply to your messages and you feel like you’re the first one to know the news. I wasn’t an active participant then. I was a lurker. Then I left Twitter for a year because I didn’t have a lot of real friends there. I mean, it was fun reading what celebrities had to say, but I don’t live my life as a follower, haha.

Fast forward to now.

Twitter is getting more fun. People I know are signing up and joining the twit-blabber. I asked a few of my twitter buddies why they think Twitter is better than Facebook and here’s what they have to say:

The platform's cleaner and uncluttered compared to the new FB - TrykezHighflyer

Less Jeje people and sometimes logical posts by people - madoxified

Twitter is for the "privileged" while fb is dominated by "normal people" haha -- FAMEhorny

Twitter is faster...more exciting, like a quickie. - TheFelixIV

With Twitter, you could say WHATEVER's on your mind and nobody would give a fck. You couldn't really do that on Facebook. - holakatiebaby

There's less clutter in Twitter. Direct conversations and quick replies, no online games, and definitely no jejemons! Hahaha. - roeyna16

Unli-Rant :)))) - ajjuliano

I can post what I want here even if it's nonsense. Haha. I am starting to dislike people using FB, jejemons. - ImmortalGaga

Twitter's concise and cool. You get to mention celebs or bash them and they'll be able to read your tweets. - ALfReDiaNj0N

Uhmmm one is twitter, so far, has not been invaded by jejemons yet. Also, Twitter is filled with intellectual people... Save for some feelers. Lastly, no annoying spam programs applications on Twitter and no annoying long posts/ chain messages- benz0nyte

It's more private for me.I can say watever I want without getting any violent reaction from my titos n titas. Hahaha. - teejnemis

Less filtered posts by people leaving more hints of who they actually are or what they can be. - cadmuus

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