Is that a TV Production class going on? It is a TV Production class going on!

Aug 9, 2011 by

A lot of people have this notion that Media Courses or those related to Mass Communications are a walk in the park. Mag-masscomm ka na lang, is usually what people say to an incoming freshman whose looks, confidence and extrovert qualities (often equated to showbiz qualities) do not parallel the intellectual stereotypes given to kids who would go for the sciences. Not that it hurts to be branded as a masscomm potential, but it’s about time we lay some facts on the table: MassComm is a very difficult field of study where the faint-hearted will not survive, let alone the visually undeserving. It is a discriminating field where a promise of power and glamour await those who can swim through the perils of the so-called masscomm/media preparation fever.

How to survive my TV production class without losing your sanity:

1. Foresee the worst. Dealing with equipment that have spiritual relationships with the unseen forces in the dark abodes in Miagao, no one can really tell what surprises these machines can bring on the day of your production. They have moods and sometimes, they can decide to turn themselves off without provocation. If that happens, you cannot just stare at it and fidget. Which leads me to my next point:

2. Have the sharpest of dispositions. And do this without saying “Oh shit.” Once this utterance is made, you get an automatic 5.0 for that prod.

3. Do not ask me anything on the day of the production. Unless you are running out of oxygen or you got electrocuted, you cannot communicate with me directly. You are the director. You should know your job and everything else that goes with it.

4. I can tell if you are just pretending to be alert or busy counting the seconds. There are some people who cover up their incompetence by appearing busy (pacing inside the control both, speaking to the floor director in gibberish, dancing without music, flipping through the script pages, etc). I get so annoyed at this I usually drop the scores on the floor.

5. Speak the production lingo. If you do not know the basic commands for TV prod, you have no right wearing that precious intercom headset and be called direk.

6. Start panicking when you hear me say the following: Where is your script? Did you check your airtime? What the hell are you doing? Is that being recorded already? STOP THE RECORD BUTTON! What kind of a script is this?

I invite you to enrol in my TV Production class so you can get the feel of how it is to be in the pit of fire with Ze Professor breathing down your neck while you pack everything you have worked for in weeks within 3 minutes. It’s a ride that could change you forever. Ask my students.

My CMS 111 students subjecting themselves to the joys (and torture) of a TV Production class.

Making it look so easy for the unsuspecting viewer is our job. Join the club and try being eaten alive. Cheers!

Ze scripts. Ze grades. Ze coffee. Que horror!


  1. RamirJM

    Nice one, Bob! People just do not understand that we are selling ideas and pleasing people — and that is way harder that dealing with exact sciences and memorizing books. I hope one day I could sit in and just observe. Ahay, Sir Bob, will you let me?

    • bobby

      By all means, Mir! hahaha! Ikaw pa! Roommate! hahaha! Let me know when you want, ok?

  2. akak

    People should take time to read this blog entry. Most of the time, they perceive working with the media as an easy job or an effortless one. One must experience how it feels to be fried when the production is on the go. By then, they could say, MASSCOM guid.

    Thumbs up to this :)

    • bobby

      I couldn’t agree more. =) MASSCOMM GUID should be what they say.

  3. Apple

    Sir Bob, may ara daw workshop lang or something for free or maobserve lang? Ahay, until now I’m really frustrated I did not become your student! :) Nugon!

    • bobby

      Apple, you know naman in UP. You can always sit in. hehehe. But in Prod Class, I don’t do the talking. It’s pretty much a lab class where I just sit and grade. LOL. Boring stuff for me. But a deadly one for the students. HEhehe!

  4. RamirJM

    Excited na ako, Bob! Haha!

    • bobby

      LOL! Seriously! I think Gerthrode is bringing her masscomm class from San Agustin to attend my production classes for observation on Aug 18. You might want to join?

  5. If we could just turn back time, a lot of us could have made it in creatives rather settle with our second options.

  6. Hahaha sooo true Bobby! I suddenly miss my TV production classes. Yes, MassComm is not for the faint-hearted — and the grammatically challenged. lol!

    • bobby

      Hahahaha! That grammatically-challenged part is absolutely true. And we’re even struggling with what we already have. What more with others, aber? LOL!

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