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I’m proud to say that I am the first among the faculty members from the Division of Humanities to have actually brought my students on exposure trips to Manila (and Cebu). I had to battle my way through at first because a lot of very¬†conventional professors thought it absurd. This comment still rings loud in my head: What do you mean by an educational trip? If your students don’t get to see actual productions, does that mean they don’t get to do productions the right way?

If only murder is not a crime.

Anyway, this February 17th, amid the hustle and bustle of our College Foundation Week, we departed for Manila to visit media institutions and make a side trip to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom.

There were 38 of us in the touring group and we were handled by the same company that I have so much trust in, Island Links Travel and Tours¬†operated by Ms. Minnie Alegria. She is one reliable travel manager because there’s nothing to worry about the moment you step in the airport all the way through the time you arrive back in Iloilo. If you want to travel in groups and you don’t want any trouble with anything, send me a message. I’ll hook you up with Ms. Alegria.

Our travel agent takes care of everything. And I mean everything.

Our first stop was the main office of The Philippine Star. We were given a tour inside their different departments as well as their production area where huge rolls of paper speed through the maze of steel plates producing a spread. It’s a fascinating labyrinth of steel and plates and paper. The noise in the production room reminded us of action movies where the bad guys hide somewhere behind those dangerous machines. The smell was horrible though and I feel bad realizing that the amount of hard work put into the production of the newspaper can be so disrespected after you see them used as dried fish wrap.

Snippets from the production hangar of The Philippines Star

Next stop was the Philippine International Convention Center. Our PICC tour allowed our students to have a peek at how events are managed in such a world-class venue. The tour made our kids gush in awe especially when the discussions get into how much this thing costs. I always tell them that in our industry (as well as in most industries), money talks-bullshit walks.

The next day we went to the Mowelfund Film Institute. The institute has a museum of Filipino films through the years. The best part in the museum is the life size sculpture of Machete. Viagra-induced.

The Mowelfund Film Institute

ABS-CBN was our next stop. We toured their studios and was given space as live audience for a new show called Showbiz Inside Report with hosts Carmina Villaruel, Ogie Diaz, Joey de Leon and the fat Janice de Belen. What I just hate about watching or visiting TV studios (especially when you’re there as tourists and not as guests of JR Garcia or Arden Condez) is the way guards treat you. They seem to have this default notion that tourists — educational tourists from the provinces, to be specific — are all screaming fans. It kills me. And I know it’s just my egoism working. Pardon.

Studios at ABSCBN

Doing the live audience thingie at Showbiz Inside Report

Tagaytay was cold and I liked it. I went zipline adventure with Tristan and we got mugs and pictures. It was relatively short though. The one in Mayon, Legaspi was a bit longer. We then proceeded to Enchanted Kingdom. I loved it. I loved EKstreme Ride. You get lifted and dropped like ragdolls. The students had so much fun they didn’t mind getting all wet and smelly.

Lovin the cold in Tagaytay

Letting out the kid in us at Enchanted Kingdom

Our tour was wonderful and what matters at the end of the day is that for our students to go back to school (and their homes) learning from their observations because I can bet my pretty ass that there’s just so much about seeing the real stuff that they will never learn within the confines of the classroom.

Next year, I’m thinking about Singapore.

Coming home as more informed and more exposed individuals about the real world. Keep touring!

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  1. prince

    and senate, too, sir bob. i’ll schedule your visit when you decide to see the office. :)

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