Tomorrow we say today is LAST YEAR.

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2011 was filled with so many electric things that are hard to classify whether they’re supposed to be good or bad. I call them electric things because really, they shock my synapse systems and I often go to a comma. Only to recover feeling like a zombie. You have to watch The Walking Dead to understand the sensation.

So 2011 was both a happy and sad year. The combination makes me realize that I am, after all, normal. If I was happy all year round, who am I fooling?  2011 in a capsule:

1. Thank you to the people who believed in me. I was blessed with projects that I never thought would happen to me. Big ones, small ones, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are treated well and are compensated according to agreement, it should be done professionally and excellently. Project after project made me realize, there are more people who really believe in me as opposed to those who think I’m crap. For that, thank you.

2. Thank you to my friends who have been with me through thick and thin. 2011 was special because I travelled to places far away with people who were special and dear to me: my lerker friends to Siquijor, my ze road manager and the cohorts to Ironman, Wil to Puerto Princesa… to mention a few. I am a traveller more than anything and for you guys to join me in my expeditions mean a lot.

3. Thank you to my family and relatives who have been quietly supporting me all the way through. I know I was at my most independent this year, but with my beautiful niece growing up to be such a wonderful kid makes me realize how much I value family. I missed my dad though. It’s been two years since.

4. Thank you to those who challenged me to become a better person. These are the people who snorted at me in ways more subtle than they can imagine. I have always been highly reactive but at the end of the day, I always reflect and embrace the opportunities for change. I love change. I assure you I will never be the same forever.

2011 was fun. I spent a month working on Sikat Academy 3. I spent months and months working on Gleeorious. I spent months and months with my students in UPV to whom I share a part of me that many people would never see. I spent months with my best kids in UPV Hublag Dance Company. I tried not to miss a weekend with my Lerker friends, all of whom I value so much because even at their most drunken state, they make sense. I spent months and months with my books, my movies, my music, my writing; thus I thank my friend Yen for nagging me to launch this blogsite last February 2011. We have since grown faster than most other blogsites. Our statistics skyrocketed to the dismay and envy of other blogsites. We aim to be the biggest and we will make it happen. And that can only happen with you constantly supporting us as we continue to bring you the best of good read and good content. We will try to speak on your behalf — the best possible way.

2012 will be good. Trust the Mayans.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Aimee

    Happy New Year Bobby!!! <3

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