Today is UP Visayas’ Commencement Exercises

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Congratulations to the Graduates of 2017! You deserve all the accolades you are now getting from family, friends, mentors and your entire town or city for having survived what Filipino myth would normally call the UP Brand. I hope you will go out to the real world proving yourself worthy of the education that not many Filipinos will ever achieve. Use that privilege and power to be an agent of change for a better future.


Every year, I go through the cycle of welcoming the young and bidding farewell the old in UP. Although this K-12 program will change that this year (we will not have Freshmen students), the idea of seeing students receive their diploma is always bittersweet. I would like to think that I have been a part of their lives, for some of them. And their success is partly my success and I do take pride in that. Through the years, I have seen how these kids have evolved from being helplessly confused, to becoming the prepared individuals that they are, ready to conquer the challenges of the outside world. Funny how I always remind them how they used to be, only to see them turn red in embarrassment. Haha! But that’s why change is wonderful coz there’s always room for improvement to anyone who desires to be better.

To the class of 2017, may your success be a reflection of your values and life principles.


Our group photo after the graduation ceremonies back in 2000. Hahaha!

Our group photo after the graduation ceremonies back in 2000. Hahaha!

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