To heaven, hell, and back.

May 1, 2014 by

This blog could very well be a novel; what with two months of being away from my blogging life due to so many things I cannot even begin to mention. I’m sure I haven’t been

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missed, but in my own schizophrenic mind, I have this feeling many of you have been wanting to hear me speak about your usual dose of chismis. Rest assured that I have remained as “informed” as I always have, but less reactive. (I can hear you say WHAT?!) Heaven and hell combined. A confusing mix of days that have led me to heaven one minute and hell in the next. It was a grand time, and my detachment from online verbalization of feelings, thoughts and deeds have saved me from utter chaos. I have learned through years of blogging that sometimes, the best way to vent out is to not vent out at all. It isn’t suppression, but maturity. (I can hear you say NO FUCKING WAY BOB!!!) All’s well that ends well. I’m glorifying myself as a busy person because it’s a fact. The only reason why many of you do not see it is because I do not have wrinkles and ugly skin like most busy people do. My vanity keeps me guarded from visible signs of schedule mayhem. I’m just too busy I can’t even get a haircut. And while I am busy, working with kids in Sikat Academy feeds my youthful soul, playing, running around with them energetic bunch, screaming at their foolishness and laughing at the funniest stunts these kids are capable of doing, thanks to YouTube.

My daily routine revolves around our Sikat Academy Kids. :-) Happy summer inside the mall!

My daily routine revolves around our Sikat Academy Kids. :-) Happy summer inside the mall!

Blog line-up: I have lined up some topics for the coming weeks (yes, these topics have been completed and would only need updates & publication): 1. Workplace Mayhem: How To Beat A Scheming Co-Worker 2. Digital Children: Lessons From Sikat Academy Interaction with Children 3. Online Promo: Hit Me With Your Best Summer Shot 4. Iloilo Manual: What’s New In Iloilo  

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  1. MamBeth

    Looking forward to #1 Bob :-)

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