‘Tis the season for you to come to Iloilo.

Jan 16, 2012 by

Dinagyang 2012 is really the best festival in the Philippines and I think even in the entire Southeast Asia. I’m serious. Dinagyang is basically a word that encompasses a few words that we all want life to be: fun, booze, fun, dancing, fun, sights, fun, sounds, fun, food, fun, drumbeats, fun, colors, fun. That’s a mouthful!

So if you’re not coming to Iloilo this year, consider booking your flights and hotel as early as August this year in time for Dinagyang 2013. There’s always the next year, you know.

You just have to bear the torture of listening to my stories starting Wednesday through Sunday. It’s going to be a revelry like no other. So now the city is starting to prep itself up with flaglets, setting up food kiosks, all sorts of gimmicks by the malls, celebrity appearances, tourists popping up everywhere.

You can tell I’m excited, can’t you?

Come to Iloilo now! (Photo courtesy of Bimboy Samson)

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