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Apr 10, 2011 by

Famous. My Iloilo dot Net goes national when it appeared yesterday on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Weekend (page 26) under the article title “City for the Foodies” written by the national treasure of Iloilo City, Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing. The site earned an entire paragraph attention and it is expected that as of press time, the president himself, Noynoy, is reading my musings. That’s a step closer to what My Iloilo dot Net’s vision is: to be Iloilo’s window to the world (and beyond). Because frankly, most of Iloilo-related websites are crap (except for those I have linked up on my site).

My celebrity friend, Pauline (right) with Captain Jack (Cedfry Cabaluna). Catch their show every Tuesday & Thursday on Sikat Ka, Iloilo at 6:30 AM

Thanks Pau. CamSur is just around the corner. Is Piolo Pascual really doing the Iron Man this year?

Famous. SIKAT ACADEMY is on full swing and the activities are getting more fun each time. The kids are getting more annoying, but I love them. They’re too cute!

My group 6 students are too adorable.

Famous. Finally, with a beeeeg sigh of relief and thankfulness, iCenter is finally in Iloilo City! For Mac fanatics (me) and Mac admirers, and Mac wannabes, visit iCenter for accessories, products and services. It is located at Plazuela de Iloilo. This is going to be my new playhouse.

Famous. Today, I had lunch with my two bestfriends, Kathy Jardeleza-Tajanlangit and Stevie Tajanlangit at Steps of Rome (also at Plazuela de Iloilo). Kathy and I introduced Stevie to this little piece of heaven and we had a feast. We’re thinking of trying out Namei Jap Resto next time, and will prepare myself for a full review of the place soon. Namei Jap Resto is located at Delgado Street, Iloilo City. The three of us will spend our Holy Week afternoons at the best Boracay spot called Boracay Terraces beach front. I.Can’t.Wait.

Kathy over chowder. Loved our lunch at Steps of Rome!

Famous. These 80s disc jocks never fail to make me go jumpy and groovy. Like paddings would grow on my shoulders and my pants would climb 2 inches higher from my waist. 80s is the best time for disco and the music of 80s is just unbeatable. We, the 80s people, are better party-goers than any modern-day clubbing wannabes who drink two one bottle of beer for 4 hours! Low-budget-kids-with-makeup-in-heels. Wendell Wang and April Gustilo, I want my Madonna medley very sooooooon!

Wendell Wang and April Gustilo. Catch them spin on weekends at Rooftop Brewery, Smallville Complex Iloilo City

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