This afternoon, I saw something.

Aug 23, 2011 by

3.15 PM. College of Arts and Sciences Building, UP Miagao. I was watching over my Comm 1 class who was working on a writing activity. It was seat-work, so I was pretty bored. This is the view from where I was seated:

Then something unusual crept unto me. I have always been clairvoyant but I never make it a big deal because my stories don’t often bring good results. There was a time back in high school when the visions were a regular¬†occurrence. I was the real Haley Osment. When I got to college the visions decreased, so I kind of forgot about it. The only time I would get the goosies again is when I am in a place where the entities inhabit and my mind is in a very calm state. I don’t know how to explain it in scientific or sound aspect, but when I am relaxed, I get to be quite receptive.

So today, when I felt something unusual while in class watching over my students working on their Outlines, it bothered me. Is it back? My clairvoyance? My nape hairs stiffened and an overwhelming breeze of cold seemed to wrap me. I looked outside the door and I saw a hazy figure moving back and forth outside the corridor.

This is how it looked like in a representative scale.

It got me all freaked out and I lost focus in my class. To entertain myself, I opened my mobile internet (using wifi) and logged on to Twitter. I almost dropped my phone (gasp, thank God I didn’t) when I saw one of my students tweet: Scary Experience at ISBL Radio Booth. OMJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!! (Major Scream)¬†– as tweeted by John Ray Hontanar. Same time, same area. I was already terrified and went to Rupert (our admin assistant) at the ISBL studio and asked where John Ray was. He said John Ray is in class on the other side of the studio. So I went back to my classroom hoping I’d catch John Ray after their class. Going back to my twitter, I messaged John Ray what happened. I had a feeling it has something to do with my own visions and I kept hoping it was something else. Then the twitter barrage from John Ray’s classmates came in denoting horror and shock with what happened inside the studio.

This is the classroom where the alleged horror took place:

When John Ray and his classmates got out of the room, there was a big commotion. They were expressing their disbelief on what just happened inside the class. I called John Ray and asked. His explanation was: They were listening to their recorded productions. His own topic for the production which was recorded days previously is about the white lady residing in the area. When his turn came to playback the recording, the part where he was supposed to have a white lady sound effect garbled, and the clip looped several times. They went to check the laptop and the audio timeline was running just fine. Could it be? Then they shrieked in terror.

I really don’t mean to persuade you into believing my visions but I don’t see any reason why I should not consider its truth either. When I hold a class in this studio in the past semesters, I would often get a glimpse of someone else from the back.

I really don't see the point of panicking when this vision appears because it disappears after 2 seconds anyway.

Things like this can happen anywhere, so don’t you go saying how extraordinarily haunted our school is. Experts on paranormal activity have a gazillion of explanations about their existence and why they’re there in the first place, but for as long as we cannot really fathom this phenomenon, every one is entitled to their own choice of belief.

So let this one be just another blog about an odd experience that is worth writing about just for the heck of it.


If walls could talk.

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  1. Jo Andrew Torlao

    GAWD! so what I felt last year in my CMS 11 class was real.. or.. whatever.. bsta, LOA ko ya :D Good luck for tomorrow, Skimmers :DD see you next year, ISBL ;)

  2. Aivan

    Fowtah. Kululba-an sang edited pix :(

    • bobby

      Can you imagine Van if you see that in real life?! I have been a vegetable so many times! LOL

  3. Jo Andrew Torlao

    YEAH! haha :)) gna forget ko na alng kay lala pa gd ko ya kung gustohon ko. as in EXTREME.. :)) sa Family bi galatay kuno. anyway, magbalik ko sa ISBL, LIMTAN ko na nabasa ko ni Blog mo :)) HAHA

  4. yen

    creeepy! the bana made the mistake of reading this at arnd 12MN te kundi indi katulog hahaha!

  5. RamirJM

    And first pic mo amu na sya ang room where we used to hold scriptwriting classes with Kevin? Indi na guru uso ang makinilya amu na wala na sang nagapanabug sang mga ligaw nag espiritu. Hehe!

    • bobby

      Sang time na Mir, there were already “stuff” but we were too preoccupied getting famous. LOL. So we never felt their presence.

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