The Story of Us in Roxas.

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What’s great about unplanned trips is that, most of the time, they end up being very memorable. Crazy things happen, new friends are found, secrets revealed, and a bit of making out take place, among others. Ok. I’m just kidding about the making out part.

My decision to tag along my friends in going to the seafood capital of the Philippines, Roxas City, was made about 6 hours before the trip. I was going to come back to Iloilo in the afternoon as a friend was driving back as well. Things change when we got a bit intoxicated and the conversations went kaput. Some of the topics covered while drinking warm beer by the warm pool under a very warm weather were:

1. Interesting personalities and their funny grammar in writing their facebook statuses.

2. Blekes otherwise known as bakukang,or arikis.

3. Voldemort otherwise known as he who must not be named.

4. Married life and how it must be ended when necessary.

5. Jessica Sanchez and her need for a noselift.

With this kind of view, and friends’ presence, who can call it a day too soon and travel back the dreaded roads?

The warmness of things. At San Antonio Resort Poolside.

Two very thirsty fish looking for SML at 2 PM.

I have no further comment, your honor.

Roxas City may look simple to an unknowing visitor, but really, it is home to some of the richest and most goodlooking people on the island of Panay. The city proper is — pardon the cliche — quaint and it really is. When in Roxas City, one feels like going around in pjs because it provides you the same comfort your living room in your house does. You can walk around, relax, laze and you don’t feel threatened by unfamiliar faces because their warmth can be very reassuring. It was Moniq’s first time in Roxas, so we had to go through the SOP of taking some city photos.

Roxas City

Our seafood fiesta at Alma's Seafood Restaurant was a staggering 850php and we couldn't even finish the glorious freshness of the Roxas bounty. Leaving the table with left-overs gave me the guilt I've never felt over food in years.

Okay, so we decided to stay at San Antonio Resort. Its location offers a stone-throw’s distance to the beach and to the line up of restaurants. The resort is also a bit glossy when we first entered because of the vastness of the property and the presence of a huge lagoon. Our UPV student Aivan Cedullo helped facilitated our check-in because his mom happens to be the HR Manager of the resort.

And this is where the funny story begins.

After a few text messages exchanged with Aivan, we assumed everything was in place and we were ready to settle our things in our room. We were told that our room has a wonderful view of the lagoon. We said “wow.” We had room 306. When we got inside, here’s what welcomed us:

It was a posh room with a really nice bed. We gushed.

A bath tub! Oooooooohhhhhh!!!

The view of the lagoon!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

The very wide room space!!! Oh yeahhhhhhhh!!!

And then Moniq noticed the room key given to us. It says Lagoon Suite 306. Suite?

“Dude, can you call the front desk and ask if this room is deluxe? Did you guys ask for this room’s rate.”

Altogether, “No.”

Moniq made the call. We were told that the room was indeed a suite and the rate was not really within our budget. So we asked to be transferred to a deluxe room instead. We were laughing our asses off because we felt a bit embarrassed at our own naivete. Some smarties. When we got to the front desk, the officer actually confused us to be in company with the original guest who reserved for that room. Thank heavens for the earlier query, or else the dude who really reserved the room could have barged in while we were all naked in bed. Kidding. So when we moved, reality slapped us like a bitch:

This is room! lol


Ze banyo. LOL

Nan. Poshness no more. Hahaha!

We had a wonderful time bonding in Roxas. Some of our students in UPV who are Roxas locals came to keep us company. Thanks to Ivan Limjuco, Norman and Daniel. We explored the quiet city with our very Miagao-ish antics. I drank Red Horse, for chrissakes and we went to this Bar by the beach… (Ok, I should stop or else I’ll jeopardize the morals of these kids who stayed up with me til 4 AM).

Roxas is love.



Here’s one nasty thing we did before transferring rooms in San Antonio Resort:

Cristabel washing her feet in the BATH TUB! Hahahaha!



  1. True, Roxas City is perhaps the quaintest city in all of the Philippines and yes, it’s home to some of the country’s richest businessmen and politicians. Mang Inasal’s Injap Sia of RP’s Forbes top 40 richest is a Capiceno, not to mention a slew of secret billionaires who walk the city streets in their faded jeans and oversize shirts.

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