The Sign of Times

May 4, 2011 by

As a heavy-reader of sci-fi and futuristic doomsday books, I have turned out to be a believer of signs and other plots of aliens against earth. So there was the series of earthquakes, the tsunami, the nuclear reactor disaster (wait, didn’t all these just happen in Japan?), the ultra-heat scorching the world, the religious wars, the marriage of a Prince to a commoner, the death of a terrorist leader.

These are undeniably the sign of times.

So the pressing issue is: If the world will end this coming December 2012 (as per Mayan Calendar and Hollywood Film Industry predictions), what are the things you’d like to do?

The winning comment will get one frapuccino of your choice and a slice of the world-famous Lemon Tequila Cake from Book Latte.

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  1. resy


  2. Kimmy San Luis

    Well, before the world ends, I’d like to get one frapuccino and a slice of the world-famous Lemon Tequila Cake from Book Latte FOR FREE! :D

  3. bobby

    Resy and Kimmy: since the two of you are so kind to leave a message (while the others are just lazy goats), both of you gets to have a slice of Lemon Tequila at Book Latte plus your choice of frap. Pls ask for it on or after May 17. Will leave your name there. And it’s free! Yohooo!!!

  4. Kimmy San Luis

    HURRAY! Thank you, sir Bob! You’re the greatest. Nyahaha. (Then the world could end, weee)

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