The Real Cheerios are from UP

Sep 24, 2011 by

The UP Pep Squad has been enjoying the victory of being the champion for Samsung Cheerdance Competition for two consecutive years, including this year’s much-anticipated inter-collegiate competition (earning 7 championships for UP in the history of UAAP Cheerdance). This victory is somehow a something’s-gotta-give formula for UP because the basketball championship always falls amiss. Oh well.

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for a well-deserved triumph! Your performance at the UAAP is one of those moments when the entire UP family come together to celebrate our one-ness. We look forward to your future performances (and more victories!).

Special congratulations to Coach Lalaine PereƱa (who also happens to be my dance teacher’s classmate back in Makiling HS for the Arts) for a job well done. I had the privilege of meeting the Pep when they had a concert here in Iloilo (at UPV Auditorium) back in March of 2010. My dance company, UPV Hublag Dance Company, was asked by the organizing committee to do the front act and it was indeed a delight to have shared the stage with the Pep.

While I get to work with the cheerios on stage for Gleeorious, I am proud to have acquaintances who are the real cheerios worth all the attention: The UP Pep Squad! Go UP Fight!

The face of winning: The UP Pep Squad for 2011 Samsung Cheerdance Competition!

The UP Pep during their performance at the UPV auditorium back in 2010

The UP Pep Drummers

The UP Pep Winning Form (2010 Iloilo City)

Boys gone Blonde (Laurence Martin and JP during the victory parade at UP Diliman) - photo courtesy of Mela Abesamis.

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