The PRISAA Fever

Nov 9, 2011 by

For most kids who have joined the PRISAA (Private Schools Athletic Association), it is a life-changing experience. I have met friends who would tell me stories about the pressure and excitement that they felt being part of the PRISAA team coming from their respective schools. PRISAA is seemingly the stepping stone for bigger things that an athlete can do before hitting the national or international sports’ scene.

But while the athletic events breed this country’s future flag carriers to international sports events, the cultural competition seems to offer the most exciting stories. Politics, the drama, the controversy. The literary-musical-cultural events serve as training ground to showbiz, in compressed terms. I think this is one exciting topic to cover.

So for the coming days, we in welcome anecdotes from former PRISAA contestants and their interesting stories of being part of the competition. Send your stories (with accompanying photo please) to


The ILOPRISAA Cultural Contest (back in 2009) - photo from

Seems to me that the tabulator is so bored he's playing solitaire on his desktop. Amazing. LOL! (photo from

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