The Phantom of the Opera: Beyond Imagination

Sep 8, 2012 by

Very quickly now, my thoughts as annotated in the course of the two and a half hours of fantastic musical extravaganza: One goes through tantric suspension of breathing once the overture fills the room and the chandelier is lifted to the ceiling. This is it. Oh my God, am I actually hearing this? Am I actually seeing this? No one is moving in the theater as the orchestra soars away. The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most commodified musicals because of its score’s commercial appeal. I’ve seen it on DVD and have listened to its original cast recording for years. This is a musical’s musical: sing-through non-dialogic, period costumes, mind-boggling set changes, operatic and semi-operatic singing, that classic love triangle conflict, to mention a few significant elements. Watching the show for the first time, I was taken to a fantasy world where possibilities are limitless. My insides were constantly squishing as a response to what I was watching. My feet were literally lifting off the floor as I gush in awe, disbelief and utter excitement. I felt it was the most perfect thing any man can ever create. The whole ensemble of talent, of creative visionaries, of technical experts, just climax into an extremely beautiful experience filled with exclamation points. Listening to the performers interpret the timeless songs from the musical gave me the goosies. It was surreal. My eyes were on

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the verge of tears because it was just sheer… joy. The actor who played Phantom, Jonathan Roxmouth, has iron lungs. But what sets him apart from the other Phantoms (based on my survey) is his lyricism. He succeeds in horrifying the audience and eventually wins the affection of the crowd too. Christine as played by Claire Lyon was sublime. Her voice covered a great range of dramatism; she had us floating when necessary as well as pumped us up with her strong operatic arias. She is beautiful as Christine and I’m looking forward to tweeting her some more in the future (bragging right: she replied to my tweet when I complimented her after the show). The rest of the cast delivered the goods beyond expectations. To say that they are great is actually an understatement. As a whole, The Phantom of the Opera is worth every penny you have spent on in buying your ticket. It is worth your time and effort and it doesn’t happen too often that these kinds of productions are within our reach. If you have been spending a lot on other silly things like buying shoes, or getting a cellphone every two months, or spends a thousand bucks every weekend on partying, stop it and get yourself a Phantom ticket. You don’t need a date. You can watch it all by yourself and shut your mind off of worldly ghouls so you can absorb every note and every visual extravaganza that Phantom has to offer. Of course, I reckon it is but proper that we thank Imelda for the CCP. Very much 20120908-162224.jpg 20120908-162503.jpg 20120908-162527.jpg

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  1. Dominique A. Dabad

    Exactly what I felt the entire time!!!

  2. resy

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! now this excites me even more!!!! cant wait to watch and get lost in the fantasy world!

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