The Paper Thief

Mar 2, 2011 by

Wow. It’s like I really want a moleskin. I wanna brush up on my penmanship because it’s been 9 years since I actually wrote an entire essay, or a journal or a grocery list or a kodigo on a real paper made of tree sap (or is it a tree bark?). I miss that chore. I love writing. I have a wonderful penmanship, thanks to my dad. I used to be the official board member of the class in grade school. An Official Board member is someone who always goes to the board to write what the teacher ought to teach in class. Nasty teachers taking advantage of my innocence. But I liked it. Until I found out chalks are cancerous, only did I retire being a Board Member and was replaced by a really tall kid with bad penmanship — and a lot of us stopped copying what was on the board.

Not as great as moleskin, but will do. Loving Prague.

I miss the feel of paper and the smell of ink blotching the pad. I have this paper fetish. When I was a kid, my older cousin, Nang Meiji, collected some of the most fabulous and drool-worthy stationery. She had hello kitties, Mongyus, Pappelmerotti, and a lot more I forgot their brands! She kept them in this special envelope and kept it safely tucked inside her cabinet. But my fetish overpowered my normal self and one day, I decided to steal them. Which was funny because I was the only kid in the house who could climb closets. So when I took the stationery envelop, I started writing on most of the papers, starting with the most beautiful. I wrote my name in print. Then I started scribbling my signatures. Then I started drawing animals. And more signatures. Until I finished about half of the entire set. When my cousin arrived from school, she probably noticed the disarray in her closet and discovered the missing treasure trove of papers. She went loco and screamed at me without investigation. I firmly denied the accusations. I wouldn’t like to be called the paper thief! Then they rummaged through my bag and found the “consumed” stationery. After having found guilty, I was punished and I had to skip that part or else you’d think I suffered my childhood too much.

Up to today, papers are something I consider lovely. I buy them in all kinds of styles, sizes, colors, textures whenever I can. I have an entire shelf full of paper. Post-its included. So the next time you think of a gift to give me, you really don’t have to think hard. And you really don’t have to wait for my birthday.

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