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Many of us would grow up wanting to be named something else other than what our parents gave us. Some are too unfortunate to be given names that are too unique they border on being hilariously silly. We all know someone who is suffering from having been mis-named (term invention mine). Out of boredom, I once conducted an intensive survey on possible names that stand out for record purposes, as well as for possessing a good amount of humor that would precede the reputation of the name’s bearer. Here are the responses from the most-reliable research agency called Facebook:

Thesis Title: Examples of Really Weird Names of People

1. Audio Science (from Ina Azarcon, explaining further that the name comes from a character in the film, A Knight’s Tale)

2. Pilot Inspektor (from RJ Jurilla)

3. Regla (from Ethel Sia)

4. CangCang (from Alden Capuyoc)

5. Nokia (from Ayn Bedonia)

6. Edsa Shrine (from Tessa Albania)

7. Batman bin Suparman (from Mitzi Bedonia-Dignadice)

8. Mezzanine (from Miguel Cordova)

9. Rufina Mantikilya (from Hazel Tuden-Morris)

10. Anghelsa Ulap (from Aiken Rose)

11. The Moshi, Mucho, Speed, Sexbomb Siblings (from AJ Brillantes)

12. Lizard (from Francis Dimzon)

13. Lord Vol Demort (from Apple Ochon)

14. Frenchwa (from Elaine Logronio)

15. Kerful (from Elaine Logronio)

As proof of Lord Vol Demort.

He who must not be named.

I know you probably have some more interesting names. Wanna contribute? Write in our comments section. :)

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