The Kimmy Dora Saga

Jun 14, 2012 by

When the movie’s opening credits rolled and I saw the logo of Star Cinema, I said, uh-oh. In a scale of 1-10 for its comedic content, I’d give it a 5. And in sequel-happy movie factories, they say it’s always very difficult to top the first. I guess this movie should be added to the list of semi-fail. Okay. I love, love Eugene Domingo. Her talent is unquestionable. It’s basically the reason why the movie house at SM City was filled today

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(the opening day of Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme) — every one was after seeing Eugene Domingo’s tricks. Who gives a hoot about the story. Give me Eugene. No — make that two Eugenes. My problem with the movie is that there’s really nothing new about it. The lead characters are the same (I commend the consistency, in fairness to Zanjoe Marudo), the plot is basically a full extension of the previous movie (though I didn’t have a problem with that), the jokes were so-so. The only thing that made it funny was how Eugene actually interpreted her lines (the delivery, the facial distortions, and I’m pretty sure she gave a whole lot of adlibs). Of course, Direk Joyce had a hand with the way the comic was put out. I wish movies like this continue to be solid in their chosen genre. If it’s comedy, then stick to it and make it really good. Here in Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme, the mix-up of comedy and horror (making it a horror comedy) just got me disconnected from time to time. Maybe if it was solid horror-comedy, then I would’ve enjoyed it better (think Bulong starring Vhong Navarro). Now if you ask me if it’s worth watching on the big screen? I say okay. But go straight to the next cinema and watch Lockout. I’m recommending this movie all for the sake of Piolo. That’s all.    

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