The July 21st Flashback

Jul 23, 2011 by

Every 21st of July, my college friends celebrate our anniversary. There are technically 19 of us, but we have a continuous growth of extended family. Husbands, wives and children came into the picture. We are now in the period of living the school prophecy 14 years ago. Most of us have gained at least 15 lbs.

We call ourselves HB. It stands for several things and I refuse to pronounce them specifically or else I’d lose my public image as a supposed-funny-guy to just plain supposed. HB came to be back in 1997 when we were in college and we had no choice but to like each other because we were blockmates in UP Visayas. We were a bunch of broadcasting majors who fancied parties over pancit and Coke at Marina Beach Resort. We are composed of highly diverse individuals who, despite the differences, shared a liking in overthinking — especially when it comes to making fun of the innocently funny. We loved to sit down and talk about funny things for hours and hours. We traveled together, watched movies together, got drunk together, shared crushes together, spent Valentine’s Days together and extremely loved music together. We were the quintessential groupie: couldn’t have done things without the other.

We have been friends for 14 years now and our fondness for one another just keeps growing. It’s a wonderful friendship because we have practically seen everyone through the years — the unfolding of our lives being shared with much honesty and love and compassion. It’s pretty melodramatic, but hey, we only get to be mushy at least during the anniversary.

14 years and still the best of buddies. Happy anniversary guys. You have remained closest to me after all these years.

The groupie during our JS prom with the RETRO theme.

Graduating from college!

One of those parties. They never stopped!

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