The Host for All Seasons

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Scaling Iloilo in terms of geographic area and economic growth rate, it isn’t really a big deal to be called the “host ng bayan.” Events are relatively within arms-reach and whenever big occasions take place and I get hired to babble senselessly – and get paid for doing so – I had to deal with some nasty manila executive who knows it all. But all this boils down to one rude trade: you pay me. I don’t care what you do.

My earliest memory of hosting was when I was a student at the university. I took all those experiences as a learning field – I committed as much mistakes as I could so I’d know how to correct myself the next time around. I would host student-oriented programs voluntarily and for free. During that time, there was no youtube to serve as an alternative tutorial. Everything was hands-on. I had to wait for opportunities and rare invitations to host something. I started slowly when debuts were taking place consequently. I stumbled countless times during some of those events: I would unconsciously make snide comments about the speaker, or tactlessly comment on the gown worn by the debutante, scramble very important information on genealogy in weddings, call out “bon apetit, dinner is served!” without hearing the prayer yet and yes, mispronounce words. Collectively, those years of stupidity has got to be worth something.

I have been hosting all sorts of events for more than 13 years now. I can host your wedding in an instant; just give me the names of people and the stuff you don’t want me to miss out. I can shift gears as to the level of humor required by the occasion. Just don’t make me do extreme slapstick ala stand-up comedian. I’m not built for it. I have hosted events from the most important, highly-attended gatherings, to the most jologs beauty pageant, talent searches both in malls and in towns, I have done shampoo promotion rounds in high schools where I had to act as if I’m a celebrity (shit) and surprisingly high school girls kind of screamed in horror too. I have done conventions, fashion shows, product launchings, celebrity promotions, album tours, inductions, Christmas parties and retirement tributes. But of all these events, nothing beats the number of weddings and debuts that I have hosted. There are just so many I couldn’t even remember most of it. One time I was in a salon and the lady turned the channel to some local show and there I was, hosting a flimsy debut with a really weird theme: Emo. And the woman beside me looked at me and before she opened her mouth, I quipped “that’s my cousin.”

My strengths as a host may be due to some of the God-given stuff. We all have god-given stuff but they come in varying levels and importance. Some are graced with looks (so they weren’t given much substance to compensate for it – LOL kidding). Some are gifted with great physical genes (and they’re even dumber – LOL kidding again). Many are gifted with intelligence and self-confidence (and they can write blogs like this because they’re bitter about the other things not given to them – LOL too much kidding already). In my case, as a host, I am gifted with… (cue: Ursula) my VOICE. I don’t know how to explain it, but whenever I blast on the microphone it comes out quite clear. My other strength would be my ability to make transitions from one unit to the next. Blame it on my college training as a broadcomm student and I hate it when some people ask me what degree I’d finished in the university. When I say BroadCom they’d instantly reply, Oh so you’re a newscaster? Geez.

I can also work well with a co-host. There’s a notion that good hosts often despise teaming up with another host because of clashing ideas and incoherent ad-libs. I think it works if the co-hosts establish rapport way before show time and really get to know each other. No matter how you dislike the other bitch, you have got to work together or your hosting career is at stake. I always make sure my co-host feels very comfortable with me, so before doing the job, I would usually share funny stories about my hosting experiences and threaten the co-host that if she doesn’t do her job well, she’ll be part of the stories I’ll share with my co-hosts in the future.

Lastly, I love hosting. I enjoy every moment of my stage time. That’s the star in me, I guess. I love it when the audience responds on cue with every line that I utter and every command I make. Being a host is really an art. It’s like leading a pack who depends on your every word, every inflection, every smile, and every bit of energy. And when I am about to say my extro and you see people looking happy with the event (save for those events that don’t start on time and with really nasty, insensitive speakers), nothing could be nicer than to say, I am your host, Bobby Rodriguez. Thank you everyone and good night!

Okay, so where do I get my pay check?

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  1. FG

    You are indeed THE Host for All Seasons!!! :-)

    • bobby

      FG, you haven’t seen me at work yet as a host no? =)) For your wedding, I will host it. =)

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