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I’m listening to classical music now, so the emotions dictated by the music is as erratic as the movements itself. Moving from adagio to a full-allegro, I get all wobbly in the middle of my IELTS self-review. Yes, I review. I don’t want to end up screwed with my results because even if I teach English communication on a daily basis, I still need to arm myself properly — and studying is the key. My schedule for IELTS will be on the 10th of April. I have good lead time to switch codes from American English to British-Australian mode. British. I loyk.


Meryl Streep has finally been given the nude golden statuette after 30 years, discounting a myriad of spectacular performances in between. I felt she deserved to win more than two Best Actress awards. But then, she’s probably too good to be awarded each time, or else no one would look forward to the awards anymore. This year I prayed very  hard that with Meryl’s portrayal of one of the most iconic women of our time, Margaret Thatcher, she gets to win the heart of the jurors. I even offered my kidney in case she loses the race because after seeing the trailer alone, I thought she should have won already. She should have won Best Actress just basing on the trailer. To Meryl, my alter-mom who inspires me to hone my talent in first-class imitation, Congratulations. The pearls are, indeed, non-negotiable.

The Winner Takes it All


SIKAT ACADEMY (The Best 4-in-1 Summer Workshop in Western Visayas) is back! This is our 4th dazzling year and we are coming up with brand new materials that will make your kids all giddy in our care for one month. This year, SIKAT ACADEMY introduces SIKAT ACADEMY JUNIOR! This is a playshop for kids 3 to 5 years old. Start them young and see how your kids grow as confident individuals who are multi-talented and have very good social skills. Our SIKAT ACADEMY JUNIOR teachers are highly qualified pre-school specialists. So we assure you that your kids are in very good hands.

SIKAT ACADEMY also covers kids with fascination in cooking/baking through its JUNIOR CHEF program. We have a resident chef who will teach your kids cooking appreciation and the basic skills in the kitchen. Who knows, your kid might just be the next celebrity chef!

All these events will happen at Robinsons Place Iloilo. I am extremely excited to meet my students because after 3 years of being a teacher in Sikat Academy, the fun never stops with kids. They continue to amaze me with their energy, their natural talents and their potentials in becoming wonderful individuals when they grow up. Enroll your kids now. Slots are limited, so go get our early bird promo. Here are the details:



Americans are all over the city of Iloilo especially this coming 2nd until the 4th of March. AMERICA in 3D is a roadshow organized by the US Embassy to re-introduce the United States of America to Ilonggos through diplomacy, development and defense including education and other opportunities. There will be food sampling, informative discussions about Visas (Visa processing), international performances by world class artists such as  Jed Madela, Charmaine Clamor, Stephanie Reese,  Arnel Pineda, Erik Santos, Jose Mari Chan, the Philippine All Star and the local CPU handbell choir.


On a personal note, I have received two anonymous letters through email. The letters are both addressed to the mayor of the city expressing the anonymous writer’s dismay over the state of tourism of Iloilo City. It’s intriguing, but in the spirit of self-protection, I cannot publish the letters — lest the writer comes up with a real identity. I just hope that Mayor Jed Mabilog opens his mind to the constructive content of the anonymous letter and consider studying his options to boost our tourism industry in Iloilo — which for me, personally, is not doing well at all. We all want to put Iloilo on a very good spot of things, but it starts with the people in power to create a ripple effect among the constituents of the city. May this result to a good change.


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