The First Time I Abandoned Boracay

Jun 3, 2012 by

For Bobby to let go of Boracay partying and decide to go back to Iloilo, the weather must have been THAT bad. - Odette Tabobo

These are my friend’s exact words and everybody chorused in agreement. How can I, the certified Boracay-holic, just pack up one morning and decide to brave the raging waters to cross back to Caticlan and drive back home for 4 hours amidst the erratic weather and bad roads and torrential rains (with matching wind and lightning and thunder combo)?

Everything gets reconsidered when one is with company of great friends. And really bad weather.

So my summer-ender vacation was cut short because of really bad weather. Nevertheless, the Boracay quickie was equally memorable and we had such great bonding time together. Those two afternoons filled with happy hour conversations are truly worth it. In spite of the wet Boracay escapade, here are a few notes that I would like to share:

1. REAL COFFEE, best known for its Tuna Melt and Coffee and Calamansi Cupcakes, seem to have become anti-customer today. I know everyone likes Nadine, the white owner of Real Food, but since she isn’t in the country as of the moment, her staff are behaving like dysfunctional people. Case in point: My friends Odette and Lala ordered egg sandwich and pancake plus cappuccino. My friend Odette had to call the lady’s attention several times before actually coming to us to get our orders. Then in a warning manner, she says the order will take long. “Matagal po ma’am ha.” It was as if we were bound to wait a lifetime. So I asked her to give us an exact time so we can decide whether we should eat there or not. The cappuccino that they served was also not frothy, so Odette complained. And then the rest of our Real Coffee misfortunes continued. It was basically the start of what would have become known to us as The National Langka Week in Boracay.

2.  EPIC, when it rains outside, becomes a happier place to be because everyone doesn’t have a choice but stay inside and dance.

3. While the beachfront in Boracay is stirred like a blender by strong winds, the other side of the island is tranquil. I only found out about the “two sides” of Boracay when we decided to cut our vacation short of a day just to make sure we do not get stranded on the island as Monday means first day of work. When we arrived at Tabisa-an (where boats dock for transfer to Caticlan — no formal queuing necessary as everyone seemed to be rushing to the boats all wet and cold), the beachline is so calm we started feeling regretful of our decision to go home.

Ah well. Boracay. I can always see you again, when the sun decides to stay out in full majesty. One of these days, I will.

One stormy Boracay day.

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