The First Batch of Fans

Jun 27, 2012 by

In my previous blog, I’ve invited everyone to send their photos with celebrities. Here are some of the first few submissions that we truly enjoyed. I hope you do too! If you still haven’t done some digging through your pics, do it now and email it to me at!

Charmie on Rafael says 'I asked for a safety shot. He gave me a closer access to his crotch'

Apple on Pnoy 'P.Noy attends Nonoy's Graduation Lunch'

Via Doronila on Solenn: 'this was taken at the backstage after Solenn's Concert in Teatrino Promenade. Solenn gave my mom and I free tickets so we flew to Manila to watch her concert'

Charity with Derek says 'Soon we will make a movie together. Watch ANG MGA ASWANG premieres this weekend in Davao City.'

Felix says 'Maksim Mrvica wanted to compare our finger dexterities, I told him only after our photo is taken'

Keep your pictures coming! Send them to me and let’s all giggle together like real fans!  

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