The Farms Somewhere Else.

Nov 11, 2011 by

I haven’t really been anywhere far these past few months because of commitments in theater and the academe. There are times when I feel stuck and whenever I see some of my friends’ posts on facebook going away somewhere lame (like this farm in a town, or this weird bahay kubo in a farm, or a photo with a duck in a farm, or a farm within a farm), or in Boracay or in Hongkong or in -gasp – Manila Ocean Park, I get this nagging feeling to drop everything and book a ticket to Zimbabwe. I miss my traveling fanfare. I miss being away from Iloilo and exploring the farms somewhere else outside my island. I have always been a traveler by heart and it’s traveling that makes me a whole person. I spend most of my money traveling, not on fancy material things. Heck, I don’t even own a car! I save my money so I can see places, meet people, learn a word or two from somewhere, take great photos of yet another farm, awaken to alien sounds of that place’s morning. My soul food is traveling and that’s how I intend to grow old. I want to see much of the world because really, we cannot see the whole of it. So for now, I stay put. I distract myself by going to the gym and training. Yes, I am back to training. I am doing this in preparation for my travels next year because I am certain I

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will be shirtless for most of the time — save for acquiring pneumonia. I will beat the crap out of all these wannabe facebook celebrities whose claim to fame is their pair of chest. I, on the other hand, will not indulge the public with the skanky view of the flesh (read: my flesh), but as the saying goes: It is when one is fully clothed that the imaginations go wild. Next year (damn this 11-11-11 consumerist propaganda), I will be in so many places you’ll be surprised how I managed it.

The worst airport in the world and one of the most hated: NAIA 1. Test your patience and try this place out.

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