The Dancers’ Series #5: Joce Sta. Maria

Nov 2, 2011 by

Joce Sta. Maria has this to say about why she dances:

This may sound like a cliche but I dance because it’s my life. I did try to do other things like taking up medicine but I always end up going back to dancing. Physiologically, dancing releases endorphins which enhance the mood. It literally gives me a natural high and in turn I became addicted to the feeling. Eight years ago I started Ballet so technically, I (was) a ballerina.  Most of the time you become self-conscious. Everyday you check your body in the mirror to a point where you become self-obsessed. This is what I experienced while dancing ballet. There is an imposed thinness to a person. You have to be a stick figure to be beautiful (onstage). Things changed when I trained and danced Contemporary in London. It gave me a different perspective. Ballet will always be a part of me but contemporary is my new home and I don’t intend to leave it anytime soon. It is open for self expression; no limits and it is literally for everybody. I learned that one does not need only technique to be an artist. It’s your ability to suck the audience in until you are though performing. It is rare and it does not happen in every performance but the rush that I get every time I feel that I have them (audience) is priceless – it’s what keeps me going. I am certainly not doing it for the money so other than entertaining people, and doing it for myself, I also dance because I personally think it is the best job in the world. And the applause is also nice.

In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength.  ~Martha Graham believes in art and artists. It seeks to uphold the truth of the imagination. Boundless. Eccentric. Orgasmic. This week, we pay tribute to some of the best Ilonggo dancers — whether active or inactive in the performing arts at the moment. Their contribution to the Ilonggo pride in the arts scene is worth immortalizing through this blogsite. There are so many of them and we will try our best to accommodate as many as possible. If you feel the urge to make that dancer/artist feel good of his or her craft, please don’t hesitate to email me at Send at least 2 photos of the dancer and his/her short profile.

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