The Dancers’ Series #2: Marydel Delgado

Nov 2, 2011 by


Marydel Delgado dances because…

I feel like I’m on top of the world when I do it.

I dance because it makes me happy.

Dance is a part of me, like a vital organ that when damaged, the whole body is prone to destruction.

Dance taught me self-discipline and expressing of what I feel.

Dance enables me to open up, explore and appreciate people’s differences.

Dance is like a second language to me, like if I can’t explain something well, I’ll express it through dance.

Dance is something that cannot be taken away from me.

And lastly, I dance because I LOVE IT with all my heart.

Performing as one of the Jewels.

Rehearsing for a performance

Marydel Delgado. A dancer. An Ilonggo.

[adsenseyu2] believes in art and artists. It seeks to uphold the truth of the imagination. Boundless. Eccentric. Orgasmic. This week, we pay tribute to some of the best Ilonggo dancers — whether active or inactive in the performing arts at the moment. Their contribution to the Ilonggo pride in the arts scene is worth immortalizing through this blogsite. There are so many of them and we will try our best to accommodate as many as possible. If you feel the urge to make that dancer/artist feel good of his or her craft, please don’t hesitate to email me at Send at least 2 photos of the dancer and his/her short profile.

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