The Breastfeeding Churva

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I am a product of breastfeeding. My mother told me she breastfed me for at least one year. But since she had to work as soon as I am able to handle bottle-feeding, I guess that’s how I turned out this way:


Haha! Just kidding.

Anyway, this really isn’t about breastfeeding.

Just click-baiting! Hahaha!

Here’s what I found and if you have time to check out their website omg, they’re extremely Scottish and I love it. This is what forthvalleyadvocacy has to say about WHAT ADVOCACY IS and IS NOT:

Independent Advocacy safeguards people who are vulnerable and discriminated against or whom services find difficult to serve. It empowers people who need a stronger voice by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions.

Independent Advocacy is:

  • About standing alongside people who are in danger of being pushed to the margins of society
  • Speaking on behalf of people who are unable to do so for themselves
  • About standing up for and sticking with a person or group and taking their side
  • A process of working towards natural justice
  • Listening to someone and trying to understand their point of view
  • Finding out what makes a person feel good and valued
  • Understanding our clients situation and what may be stopping them from getting what they want
  • Offering the person support to tell other people what they want or introducing them to others who may be able to help
  • Helping someone to know what choices they have and what the consequences of these choices might be
  • Enabling a person to have control over their life but taking up issues on their behalf if they want you to

Independent Advocacy is not:

  • Providing advice
  • Making decisions
  • Solving all someone’s problems for them
  • Making complaints
  • Helping fill in forms
  • Mediation
  • Counselling
  • Befriending
  • Care and support work
  • Consultation
  • Telling or advising someone what you think they should do
  • Speaking for people when they are able to express a view
  • Agreeing with everything a person says and doing anything a person asks you to do.


Ah well. Good morning folks! My chismosa friends would probably hate me for titling this blog in a clickbait kind of way. Hahaha! (No, I ain’t gonna mention anything not worth my space, babies!)

Meet the Rodriguezes! You can figure out which one is the mom, can't you? (Hahaha!)

Meet the Rodriguezes! You can figure out which one is the mom, can’t you? (Hahaha!)

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