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One of the most important films done as an experiment whether movies can indeed attract aliens is Joey Gosiengfiao’s Temptation Island. When I first saw this film about 5 years ago (yes, no one was sensible enough to expose me to such precious artistic work early on) I literally fell off the chair due to unstoppable laughter. Temptation Island is a masterpiece. It pushes the envelope of all things normal and does not leave room for you to be mental. It blows you away into smithereens and you forget how much education have bastardized your sense of fantasy. Here is an excerpt of Temptation Island’s Wikepedia entry:

Temptation Island is a 1980 Filipino film directed by Joey Gosiengfiao starring four beauty contest title-holders; Azenith Briones (Miss Photogenic, Mutya ng Pilipinas 1975), Jennifer Cortez (Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1978), Bambi Arambulo (Miss Maja Pilipinas 1977) and Dina Bonnevie (1st Runner-up, Miss Magnolia 1979). Written by Toto Belano, the film is about a group of beauty contest finalists stranded in a desert island without food, water and shelter.

The film focuses on four young ladies from different social backgrounds and each for their own various reasons, enlists in the fictional “Miss Manila Sunshine Beauty Pageant”.

The first of which is Dina (Bonnevie), a college student who entered the contest in order to earn independence from her family. Next is spoiled, rich socialite, Suzanne (Cortez), whose every whim is attended to by her maid, Maria (Sun), learned of the contest when fliers dropped from a helicopter interrupts her sunbathing at the family pool and out of sheer vanity decided to sign up. Thirdly, Bambi (Arambulo), while planning her 18th birthday party, when she and her mother argue over the budget, since her once rich family cannot afford the grand debut, Bambi is forced to settle for a much simpler party. But during their argument, Bambi falls on her birthday cake; when sees the pageant’s TV spot, her frustrations over her current situation inspires her to join. Rounding up the group is Azenith (Briones) a con-artist who plans to rig the contest by using her and her boyfriend’s sexuality to influence the judges into voting for her.

The ladies later became the finalists for the competition. En route to the evening gown competition, the ship they boarded catches fire, and the passengers scramble to evacuate. The four women, Maria, Joshua (the gay pageant coordinator played by Jonas Sebastian) and his boyfriend Ricardo (Ricky Belmonte), Umberto (one of the ship’s waiters played by Domingo Sabado) and Alfredo (played by Alfie Anido) land on a desert island.


My favorite character in the movie, Suzanne, with her maid, Maria applying tanning lotion on her. She complains: Ouch! Slowly now! Baka masira ang beautiful complexion ko! (TUMPAAAAK!)


In this scene, Bambi and her mother Nenuca trips while carrying her birthday cake and they both planted their faces on the icing. Amazing scene.

Joshua, the gay pageant coordinator remarks, "rubadubdub, two bitches in a tub". An immortal line.

Only Gosiengfiao's genius can think of this kind of blocking for his poor actors. Hahaha!

Dina Bonnevie is the only actress who really tried to act in the movie.

Hunger and thirst sent the girls to a frenzy of hallucinations, including having a gigantic ice cream in their midst.

Another effect of hunger is for girls to dance like it's their first time to move their hips. Amazing.

Ang mahiwagang girdle ni Suzanne (starring Jennifer Cortez)

Dina trying to kill the woman in girdle.

If you have not seen this movie yet, do so. You won’t regret the experience.

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  1. Aimee

    When it first came out, I was too young to watch it in a moviehouse! And the betamax copies were not clear! So I kinda missed out on Temptation Island..

  2. OH MY GOD Sir Bob! I didn’t actually know that there was Temptation Island before. Okay, I guess I’ve seen a few parts of the film in Cinema One (or Pinoy Blockbuster Channel as it was formerly called). I’ve been seeing trailers of the remake (now I know that it’s a remake, thanks to you). This is a CLASSIC. I must watch this. I’ll hunt down every torrent site. Haha. Thanks for the character-snippets preview, I’m excited to see this! :)

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