Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Jan 30, 2012 by

Every time my days go haywire, like I get extremely busy I barely have time to put on my lip balm, I just remind myself it’s better to be busy than not do anything. But while on location shoot yesterday, I found out that I can go to Carles town North of Iloilo and visit Isla Gigantes (the famed nature reserve — check out the beauty here) one of these days and be watched over by a local host, Gio, I kind of liked the idea of disconnecting. But no, it’s not happening pretty soon. Maybe some other month.

Speaking of location shoot, we were able to finish principal photography for our latest project with the Municipality of Miagao. This project is entitled SALAKAYAN (which depicts the story of the town during the Moros’ attack). It was a fun day under the scorching heat of the sun. We trod the mountains of Miagao with about 30 kids in tow and heck we all had a good time. This show will fuse film and live performance and will be staged on February 10. This is the thing that’s keeping me busy — and away from the city.

UPV Hublag Dancers under the scorching heat of the sun on location shoot for SALAKAYAN 2012

I love my Sunday today because I watched UNDERWORLD 4: AWAKENING. Kate Bickensale is a super-bomb of a stylish action star. She’s fierce and everyone would want to be like her — running, biting, punching, performing surgical operations without gloves and yes, the fabulous face refuses to sweat. The movie is an action spectacle connecting with sense all the other parts of the Underworld installments that preceded it. MUST WATCH.

The fangs rocked!

Yesterday, I also watched THE DARKEST HOUR and indeed, it was one of the darkest hours of my movie life: it’s like watching a lecture class on physics and classifications of energy with a reaaaaaaaally boring teacher. Good thing everyone kind of died in the movie.


After my self-date today I went to the restroom and was about to say hi to an acquaintance when I caught myself in a slight state of embarrassment. The acquaintance did not smile back and he just stared at me. Ah. One of those stares of dislike. I tried to calm myself for about 10 seconds because I am not used to being stoked with indifference. But I thought it happens. And it happens to the best of us. That guy must have lacked vitamin B12 or something.

I’m going to meet my brother in 10 minutes so I have to go. Please try your best to join my anniversary promo, ok?

Til then!



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